Social Media Customer Service: Friend Or Foe?

Time was, a disgruntled customer had to beat his head uselessly against the wall of indifference raised by his various service providers. Limited avenues for voicing opinions and lack of viable options meant that one was stuck with a subpar phone company / utilities company / department store / (insert your choice here), with no alternatives in sight. The big companies held all their power and everyone knew it. (more…)

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Best #CustServ Articles of 2014 – Part I

Best Customer Service Articles of 2014

2014 saw plenty of articles filling up the virtual space with bytes and bytes of data. Most have gone past us, without leaving a mark. But some have stuck long in our memory cells and have gone on to have an impact on the way we do business.

The following list of articles are those that we consider some of the best ones written on the subject of customer service, in 2014. Written by different writers, they all share one trait in common: they help us become better at providing customer service. (more…)

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