How To Nail First Response Time – In 5 Easy Steps

First Response Time

Humour me. Go on Twitter and type “customer service problems”. What did you get? A massive listing of woes? Small companies, big multi-nationals, country no bar – customer service issues are universal.

So what separates the wheat from the chaff? How quickly they respond, how soon they put out the fires. Now that is what makes a difference, a huge one. (more…)

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Seasonal Changes And Customer Support: Tailoring Strategy To Suit The Holiday Season

Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is well and truly upon us. The supermarket shelves are groaning under the weight of the Christmas goodies, the airwaves have been taken over by Slade and John Lennon singing their odes to the season and there’s an air of cheer and glee all around.

Seasonal change also means a change in how we go about our jobs in the customer service industry. With the holiday season closing in, the holiday season warrant a slight change in approach. (more…)

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5 Must-Have Soft Skills Of A Customer Support Agent

Soft Skills image

Soft Skills

plural, noun.

personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people.

This the dictionary definition of ‘soft skills’. Typically, soft skills go beyond the pre-schooler ability to say “please” and “thank you” at the right moments. A positive flexible attitude, the ability to deal with people and common sense come to mind as must-haves for any good support agent. (more…)

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How To Say Sorry And Win Customers


Every pre-schooler knows this. Ask one what are the magic words, chances are, they’d blast your eardrums with “Please and Thank You!” It is drummed into their little heads from that young, impressionable age that these words are ‘magic’ and it is imperative that they use either or both of them at every possible juncture.

‘Sorry’ is the third magic word but one that often gets the short shrift. Apologising has unfortunate negative connotations attached to it that ends up in it being put to use very sparingly. But there are times when it pays to own up, put your hand up and say you’re sorry. (more…)

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