How To Be A Master Of Customer Service Like Zappos


Zappos. The shoe people? Those online retailers? Is that how you know them? Or, do you know them as the undisputed kings of customer service?

Because they are. When it comes to delivering superlative customer support, time after time after time, Zappos nails it every single time. They don’t just think outside of the box, they define it – they are the definition of what world-class customer service is all about.


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Why Do Some Companies Provide Bad Customer Service?

Now that is a million dollar question. Why do companies, that ought to provide superior customer service, just don’t? Don’t they realise they are just shooting themselves in the foot?

We have all been on the receiving end of sub-standard support. It can be frustrating as hell, when you are stuck with this product that just won’t do what it is supposed to and turning to the one person that can help you out of your jam, ie, the customer service executive, is anything but helpful. (more…)

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How HappyFox Uses Big Data To Effectively Serve Customers

Big Data

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Big Data. Targeted advertising. Unless you have been living under a large and cushy rock, chances are you have heard of one or both of these phrases being bandied about. Sounds rather Orwellien, the whole concept of computer programs tracking our every move and of marketers using the  gathered data to increase their reach! (more…)

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