Making Customer Service Fun – Lessons from the Ice bucket Challenge

“Thanks Tim for nominating me. My name is John Doe and I am going to take up the Ice Bucket challenge and donate money for the cause. I also nominate Smith and Pete.”

Oh no, not again. We have been seeing tons and tons of such posts and videos all over the web. The Ice Bucket Challenge did not just go viral. It went downright crazy. There were celebrities, entrepreneurs, sports stars and even leaders of nations taking it up. As usual, you were neither interested in contributing to it, nor were you really keen on appreciating it. (more…)

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How to manage customer support when your staff are on vacation

It’s summer and every family is having preparations in full swing for the holiday season. Your support agents are going to be equally kicked about the season and a sizeable chunk of them are certainly going to be taking a few days off to get themselves rejuvenated.

Just because your staff are on vacation, your customers are not going to automatically support themselves. Support has to carry on, and carry on in a fashion where the volume of support being handled is never affected. (more…)

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Inbox Zero – 7 Productivity Hacks to achieve Zero support requests

In an ideal world, what is the total number of pending tickets you would like to see in your organization’s support inbox? That answer is quite simple – Zero. Now, what would you as an organization, need to do to achieve the Inbox Zero situation?

Productivity expert Merlin Mann defines Inbox Zero support as a rigorous approach to email management aimed at keeping the inbox empty, or nearly empty at all times. Merlin’s concept is not of an inbox that is empty. It is driven more towards freeing up the time and energy of a support agent so that his productivity never takes a toll. (more…)

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WOW Customers with Proactive Customer Support

Every great product out there comes with at least ten other competitors. When your competitor is making a product that is as good or better than yours, the key differentiator for you to hold a sizeable chunk of the market share, is via exceptional customer service.

Yet, these days we find that even with a strong support team and a very consistent first response and resolution rate, customers want to move to products from other competitors. (more…)

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How HappyFox helps you build a Smart Customer Service Culture

We often keep hearing the word ‘Customer Service Culture’ a lot and yet we never give too much attention to it. Zeithaml and Bitner(2003) define service culture as

“Culture where an appreciation for good service exists, and where giving good service to internal as well as ultimate, external customers is considered a natural way of life and one of the most important norms by everyone.” (more…)

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Introducing HappyFox Multi Brand Help desk

The HappyFox knowledge base and support center were built primarily with the intention of simplifying customer service.

We, here at HappyFox, believe that the best way to provide customer support is not just by having a great support agent squad, but by having a great self-support service. If a customer is able to resolve his problems without having to pick up his phone or typing out a mail, you can be sure that the customer is going to be a walking advocate for your product. (more…)

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