How To Say Sorry And Win Customers


Every pre-schooler knows this. Ask one what are the magic words, chances are, they’d blast your eardrums with “Please and Thank You!” It is drummed into their little heads from that young, impressionable age that these words are ‘magic’ and it is imperative that they use either or both of them at every possible juncture.

‘Sorry’ is the third magic word but one that often gets the short shrift. Apologising has unfortunate negative connotations attached to it that ends up in it being put to use very sparingly. But there are times when it pays to own up, put your hand up and say you’re sorry. (more…)

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10 Best Companies for Customer Service

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Customer service ratings are at an all time low and every week is bringing up customer service stories that keep getting worse, like the Comcast firing story, the decline of fast food customer service and most importantly the United Airlines ‘Dear Human’ debacle.

Despite these trends, there are some companies that have consistently stood out for their excellent customer service. (more…)

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How To Rock Customer Engagement Like Spotify

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The Web has gone and shattered the way we did business before and a new world order has come into play. The customer is more important than ever and meaningful connect is the key to building relationships and furthering business.“Customer engagement is no longer a series of one-off experiences — it’s an ongoing dialogue”, writes Wendy Lea on

One brand that has taken Wendy’s words and gone to town with it is Spotify.


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Customer Service Lessons from Disney

The Disney Way to Customer Support: 5 Tips For Great Customer Support

Walt Disney famously said “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends”. In an increasingly connected age, where tweets and shares are the order of the day, this translates to “do what you do so well that your customers will tweet to their friends and followers”.

Bad publicity is not good publicity in today’s world, where one negative review can snowball into a PR nightmare of mammoth proportions. So, how about taking a leaf – or five – out of Disney’s superlative customer service skills book and applying it to your situation? (more…)

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