Customer Service Lessons from Disney

The Disney Way to Customer Support: 5 Tips For Great Customer Support

Walt Disney famously said “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends”. In an increasingly connected age, where tweets and shares are the order of the day, this translates to “do what you do so well that your customers will tweet to their friends and followers”.

Bad publicity is not good publicity in today’s world, where one negative review can snowball into a PR nightmare of mammoth proportions. So, how about taking a leaf – or five – out of Disney’s superlative customer service skills book and applying it to your situation? (more…)

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Customer Service in a shoestring

Customer Service On A Shoestring

So you are at the helm of a fledgling company and providing stellar customer service is number 1 on your mandate. But your budget being what it is, you are sweating bullets at the thought of the $$$ signs good customer service might translate into for your company’s coffers.

You are probably of the mind that great customer service can be provided only with the help of a massive budget behind it. Wrong! Today, dear reader, we’d like to share with you five pointers that prove to you that you can be the provider of superior customer service, even on a shoestring!


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Fire Your Customer

Should you ever fire a customer? Now that is the $1,000,000 question!

Picture this. A well dressed man walks into a car showroom and requests to be shown the hatchback models in all variants. An executive is allotted to show the customer around, but for each car he sees, the customer always has a comment to make.

‘That car has been giving very poor mileage. I read so in the paper.’

‘This one? It’s not spacious and the upholstery looks dull.’


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Customer Service Trends

5 Changing Customer Service trends you are unaware of

You may have been running a successful organisation, living within the bubble that everything your company does is purely customer-centric and that your business landscape has been built on the basis of giving the best experience to your customer.

Here’s your wake-up call. You have fallen behind. Customer service trends are changing rapidly and unless you catch up, you may see the unfortunate activity of customers moving to competitors even if their product is not as good as yours.

Here’s a quick look at what you need to be good at if you want your customers to remember you for your exceptional customer service.

1. Voice still reigns but barely


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