”A help desk that has saved us both time & money"

- Rajesh Nahar. Co-founder, CBazaar.



ChennaiBazaar started out as a gift shop that people living both in India and abroad utilized to send gifts to their relatives in Chennai. Soon they began delivering Sarees, Salwars, etc. in the name of Cbazaar.com across the globe. Pioneering the first online e-store for sarees in 1999, Cbazaar is now a leading store for ethnic Indian women’s wear.

Rajesh Nahar, co-founder of CBazaar and President - Operations, spoke to us on how they’re using HappyFox to manage Customer Support.


Communication with our customers was not centralized initially. Emails were being sent to our support staff directly and it was difficult for us to keep track of requests from our customers. We weren’t sure if emails were getting responded to in time, or if requests were being resolved.

Why HappyFox?

  • Easy to use
  • Centralization of communication
  • Management-centric reporting
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HappyFox is great and suits us really well.
Infact, it’s built in such a way to suit anyone’s  requirement!


All requests from our customers now come in via a form on our website. These requests are then routed into specific categories in our HappyFox account and ticketed instantly. Our customers immediately know that their request has been submitted, through an auto-responder confirmation that gets sent to them.
The tickets are then assigned to relevant support staff, who then begin to respond to the customers. This ensures that all communication is centralized within HappyFox, allowing us to keep track and revisit tickets at any point in the future.

Results & benefits

The benefits are significant. Support staff are now more aware of tickets that they need to handle, since each ticket is assigned to a specific individual. Our staff are in a better position to measure their workload, handle their share of tickets and respond to customers promptly.

From a management perspective, we’re able to keep tabs on commun- ication to and fro customers and gauge how customer requests are being handled.
Overall, we’re able to better utilize our resources and this has saved us both time and money.

Our experience

It’s great and suits us really well. HappyFox help desk tracking software is built in such a way that it potentially suits anyone’s requirements.