“An extensive useful help desk features set”

- Dwayne Sanders, Marketing Specialist, Edmac Compressors

Edmac about HappyFox

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Edmac compressor parts is a distributor of air compressor parts for major OEM air compressor manufacturers. Through their website, at www.edmac.com, Edmac offers a wide catalogue of parts and provides their customers with online purchasing options. Live chat, email and phone services are provided to customers, ensuring them that assistance is available whenever they need it.

Dwayne Sanders, Marketing Specialist at Edmac Compressor Parts shared his views on how HappyFox service ticketing software has assisted in their business operations.


We were not able to manage the incoming quote requests and have them under a centralized location.

Why HappyFox?

  • Affordable price
  • Extensive useful features set
  • Great customer service
  • Fully featured trial to get a hands on feel of the product
  • Ability to setup a real time instance while taking a trial before purchasing
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Price, features and great customer service during the trial period aided our decision
to choose HappyFox.


We use HappyFox service ticketing software primarily to manage “Requests for Quotes” that are submitted by our customers. Our key requirement was to be able to centralize all these requests under a single umbrella and then have our sales team manage requests in an efficient way.

Most requests for quotes are submitted via HappyFox’s dedicated Support Center but we have a number of clients who prefer to send us an email. HappyFox has made it real easy for us to manage requests submitted through both these methods.

Results & benefits

Our customers love the ticket system and the manner in which they can easily submit requests via our website.

Within the organization, we’ve saved a significant amount of time in processing quotes through HappyFox, since all the informa- tion we need is available on every submitted request. Our turn around time has been halved and the transparency of time with our responses has been a vital factor in improving our day-to-day operations.

Our experience

We’ve been using the product since early 2010 and love it! The support we’ve received from the HappyFox team has been great and we’re now using the product in both our USA & China divisions. We’ll definitely be implementing HappyFox for other international divisions that are due to be opened shortly.