“Happyfox knows the next “big thing” in customer support”

- Martin Hartvigsen, Director, Global Technical Support at Jabra GN

Jabra Case study


Jabra markets a broad range of hands-free solutions for mobile phones, contact centers, offices and Unified Communications. Jabra's award-winning product range includes the world's best-selling Unified Communications, Bluetooth, corded and wireless headsets.
Martin Hartvigsen, Director, Global Technical Support Jabra GN talks about how HappyFox provided true omni-channel experience to their customers.


Jabra Support operates across multiple regions and systems, with requests streaming through various channels. We seek to be where our customers are – so over time, we have been developing a broader channels mix covering phone, web-form, chat and social media including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. A robust help desk was required to organize and support customers, which can seamlessly connect with the entire ecosystem and send/receive data between multiple applications.

Why HappyFox?

  • Simple and intuitive user-interface
  • Omni-channel experience
  • Smart automation rules
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A true omni-channel experience for our customers


Jabra Support predominantly uses HappyFox for post-sales support for Jabra devices. HappyFox provided us a true omni-channel experience for our customers while still being able to recognize the customer across all channels, advancing both customer experience as well as efficiency gains in our support function. HappyFox integrates with our current CRM, phone system, shipping vendors and our customer survey tool.

Results & Benefits

Jabra Support uses automation rules to route and qualify tickets received, which allows our specialists to focus on what is vital in every interaction. We combined online technical support content and knowledge base articles in one view in the HappyFox ticketing system for our support specialists thereby improving case handling and resolution time. The all-in-one solution in the cloud allowed us to roll-out a structured and professional help desk software to all Jabra support sites worldwide, providing the maximum customer experience with minimum resource and investment requirements. Great user experience for customers across multiple channels; motivating agile user interface and accelerating the way our own Jabra Support Specialists can work productively with tickets, and conveniently access and share knowledge to support our customers in the best way.

Our experience

We consider HappyFox a one-stop shop for help desk software to support our global customer network. The user-interface is very easy to use and offers a lot of flexibility to change and tune your workflows and manage agent availability on different channels, which benefits both customers and internal functions in our company utilizing the software. With HappyFox we have a specialized partner, whose vast customer portfolio across multiple industries, sees and knows the next "big thing" in customer support, and integrates this into a compact and cost-effective solution, saving considerable effort, time and cost for us. In short, it allows us to focus on happy customers – the rest we leave to HappyFox.