“It centralizes issues & makes us look professional”

- Matt Pendergraff. Creative Director/Principal, PDG+ Creative

PDG Creative

Creative design

PDG+creative of Bartlesville, Oklahoma is a full service creative agency, offering both print and interactive solutions, that’s made up of a dynamic team of people who come together with a single pulse of creativity. They’ve been in this area of business for more than fifteen years, with many of their creative projects gaining state and international recognition.

As the Creative Director/Principal of PDG+creative, Matt Pendergraff is one who has an eye for quality and precision; we asked him to cast that eye on HappyFox and share his experience with the product so far.


With no proper customer support solution in place, we were unable to track and manage the incoming web site support issues raised by our customers via phone calls and emails.

Why HappyFox?

  • Extremely clean user interface
  • Easy learning curve for staff users
  • Quick to get acquainted with
  • Time to put in production is very short
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Using HappyFox, we can now support our 200+ sites with a staff of three! Enough said.


We use HappyFox ticket management software to manage customer support services; our customers send all their requests via email, to mail boxes that we’ve configured as categories. Once these emails come in as tickets, our support team can then communicate back and forth with the customer, within HappyFox itself.

Results & Benefits

Our clients tell us that they love the service desk software and that it not only streamlines the process, but makes us look more professional as well. All our support issues are now centralized and it’s freed up our staff from phone calls. In fact, we now find that we can do the same work with a smaller team, all whilst delivering a better client experience. Support issues are much easier to keep track of now and we’re able to communicate better with our clients.

Our experience

Our HappyFox experience is near perfect!