How to Prepare and Handle Support during Holidays

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It’s vacation time, and the cheers are all up for the holiday season. Your team is excited about the season and almost
all of them have their vacations planned to spend time with
their loved ones. But your business can’t take time off, and
this is the time when your customers are going to need your team’s support the most.

So with meticulous planning and careful management,
you have nothing to worry about.

This webinar helps you with easy-to-use tips, so you can be sure to provide uninterrupted and quality customer support without having to compromise on your team’s vacation spirit.


Learn About

  • Alerting your customers about your vacation.

  • Spotting & transferring unsolved tickets of your colleague.

  • Using automation features & canned actions to compensate for short-staffed situations.

  • Configuring smart assignments using round-robin for
    active staff.

  • Enabling email notifications for critical tickets.

  • Setting up KB/Forums for self-support.

Key Takeaways

  • Ensure optimal support performance during holiday season.

  • Provide uninterrupted support with minimal support staff.

  • Reduce volume of incoming tickets.

  • Avoid unnecessary escalations.

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