Enterprise Help desk Software

Handle requests from internal and external customers of
your enterprise, seamlessly and effectively

Are you an enterprise with a customer
support process that is long and
complex, involving cross-functional teams, vendors and of course, the most important stakeholder – the customer?

Say, an accounts receivable team dealing with vendors or a technical support team serving customers or an IT department sourcing technology for the internal customers of the enterprise.

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Then what you are looking for is NOT just an enterprise help desk software, but an enterprise ticketing system.

How is an Enterprise ticketing system different?

Enterprises run support workflows that are customized to address scale, the complexity that comes with scale, processes, metrics, centralized decision-making and decentralized teams.

That way, HappyFox help desk software seamlessly transforms into an Enterprise ticket management system, on demand.

Enterprise businesses can now handle customer support with HappyFox ticketing system

Enterprise Pain Points

If Enterprises were complex structures, the pain points associated with their support processes were super-unique. If you positively relate to any of the below questions, then read further:

  • My enterprise does not need a ticketing system.
  • We understand the need, but there is no ticketing system in place.
  • Emails fall through the cracks, as there is too much going on.
  • Stuck with a legacy ticketing system?
  • Enterprise help desk is set up On-premise and that is inflexible.
  • Outlook doesn’t solve the request management completely.
  • Tired of deploying, installing, maintaining a help desk.
  • There is a long chain of approval for every bit of communication sent out.

Emotional Pain Points

Having solved customer support bottlenecks of enterprises, our observation is that apprehensions of an enterprise that is evaluating a cloud based enterprise ticketing system falls under the below categories:

Cloud security
A large team requires incessant support
Ticketing is too IT-ish

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HappyFox Enterprise Ticketing Solution

Addressing these pain points demands an enterprise help desk software such as HappyFox, a ticketing system and a solution.

Use CasesHappyFox goes past being a regular help desk and serves teams that handle request management, quotation management, vendor management, accounts payables management issue tracking, trouble ticket management, and bug tracking. Analytics Know your support process, to the last detail - Staff accountability, time spent on resolving customer queries, and customer feedback on the response. Identify the support process efficiency. API services This is a true complexity solver.
  • Pull custom reports
  • Pull help desk data into any internal or external application of your choice
Remote Desktop Support Access your customer’s computer from a remote location using just your browser and resolve issues with the LogMeIn Remote support integration. Get a better understanding of customer issues and use the same to provide instant support.
Customizable workflowWith the amount of customization possible, HappyFox sits very well on the desks of smaller teams of large organizations, shared service teams that manage internal customers and a typical customer service team.
At feature level, you could customize:
  • Custom statuses
  • Custom fields
  • Role based security – Hierarchy driven
SLA Management Set up Service Level Agreements based on time and work schedule. Measure your SLA performance inclusively. Multilingual Help Desk When your enterprise is global, your teams are geographically distributed, based out of different time zones and speaking different languages.
HappyFox Enterprise ticketing system supports 35 different languages.
Customer support made easy

Learn how this consumer electronics enterprise has used HappyFox help desk software to remove clutter, centralize support and improve their first response time.