Olark Live Chat + HappyFox. Support on the spot!

With 5000+ customers and counting, Olark is a leading live chat application
that blends into the visual design of your website.

HappyFox and Olark integration just lets you convert chat conversations into meaningful, actionable tickets.

Give personalized support and take marketing mileage out of it.

  • Convert all your chats into tickets.
  • At zero extra cost.
  • View chat history, ticket history & customer data – all in one screen.
  • Use this view to individualize responses.
  • Go beyond customer support to market and up sell.

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Why Olark?

Olark is a powerful website live chat app to track visitor actions and engage, all in real time, even on mobile.
Easily, a great support channel for our customers.

Convert Olark customer support live chat as HappyFox Helpdesk>

Olark customer service live chat operator panel and transcripts.

When HappyFox converts chat conversations with your website visitors into tickets, you can…

  • Monitor chat conversations, even the ones missed when you were offline
  • Refer to the visitor information such as name, email and chat history – right here in the ticket itself.

What’s more from this live chat integration, you can use this information to personalize your engagement and improve your chances to up sell.