Customer Service Software that you can implement in days

  • Handle all inbound requests in one ticketing system
  • Create a flexible yet organized ticketing workflow
  • Respond Swiftly. All from one simple interface.
  • Analyse key support metrics & create solid actions
  • Automate complex and redundant workflows with a powerful smart rules engine.
  • Create your own custom fields, workflows & personalize the support experience.

Happy Customers

  • Help Desk Automation:

    Automate repetitive tasks, trigger intelligent workflows and support customers faster with Smart Rules.

  • Actionable Reporting & Analytics:

    If you can't measure, you can't improve. Happyfox’s powerful reporting features enables you to track, measure, analyze and optimize your support process.


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  • " Happyfox helps us exceed our clients expectations.They love it and so do we! "

    Andrea Ferguson, AndiSites

  • " The staff members at HappyFox are truly a pleasure to
    work with. "

    Abe Fakhourie, Metroland Media

  • " Using HappyFox, we can now support our 200+ sites with a staff of three! Enough said. "

    Matt Pendergraff, PDG + Creative

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