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Wrike is a cloud-based project management software that provides a range of tools for managing projects, tasks, and teams. It offers features such as task management, project planning, collaboration, time tracking, and reporting to help organizations streamline their project management processes and improve productivity. By integrating Wrike with Service Desk, you can manage Wrike tasks, view details of any task quickly, and boost productivity across different teams.

HappyFox Service Desk - Zapier integration


  • Improved Support Team Efficiency
    By automating tasks, support teams can focus on more important tasks, reducing manual workloads, and improving efficiency.
  • Customization
    Zapier provides flexibility to customize the workflows according to your business requirements, creating a tailored solution that meets specific organization or team needs.
  • Streamlined Processes and Better Collaboration
    Streamline processes by creating a unified workflow, eliminating the need for manual data entry, and reducing the risk of errors. Integrating with other collaboration apps or email, teams can improve communication, collaboration, and responsiveness in their support process.

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Key features:

  • Integrate Service Desk with hundreds of other web-applications without the need to write tedious lines of code.
  • Create Service Desk tickets based on triggers from other applications
  • Conversely, trigger actions on other apps when a Service Desk ticket is created or updated.
  • Monitor and track each of your trigger actions in various apps from your Zapier account.

Overall, integrating Zapier with Service Desk can help organizations streamline their processes, improve efficiency, and enhance communication and collaboration across teams.