We are HappyFox

We have crafted the world's most flexible Help Desk and Live Chat software.

About HappyFox Inc

HappyFox, Inc is headquartered in Irvine, California. HappyFox is software as a service (SaaS) support platform. We offer an enterprise-grade help desk ticketing system and an intuitively designed live chat software.

We serve over 12,000 companies in 70+ countries. HappyFox is used by companies that span across education, media, ecommerce, retail, information technology, manufacturing, non-profit, government and many other verticals that have an internal or external support function.

HappyFox help desk has been rated as the Best Help Desk Software by PC Mag. HappyFox Chat is the top voted Live Chat Software at launch on Product Hunt platform.

Our Vision

At HappyFox we believe in bringing “happy” back into the support function of any organization. Our thoughtfully built applications is focused on agent productivity and success. Happy Agents. Happy Customers.

Company Leadership

Shalin Jain is the CEO of HappyFox Inc. Mr. Jain has over 16 years of entrepreneurial experience and having worked with thousands of companies, assisting them in implementing great support processes. Shalin Jain has won several entrepreneurial awards including Pathfinders in 2013.