Join us in spreading Happyness

We, at HappyFox, endeavor to spread smiles across the face of every single customer out there. We practice what we preach and you can come discover the passion every employee has here, in spreading the joy. We are a bunch of committed individuals who love customer service, technology and green tea.

If you think you love any one of the above and want to join us in spreading the happyness,
here are a few opportunities to interest you.

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Life at HappyFox

At HappyFox, we thrive to have fun with everything we do. We play around with Macbooks, gobble healthy sandwiches and our work hours are more deliverable focused rather than time focused. If you are the kind who loves your work, I’m sure you will fit in like peas in a pod.

The Fuel & The Smile

HappyFox employees are fueled to deliver smiles. We learn, we share and work together to build amazing products for our customers. Here at HappyFox, more than jobs, we create memorable experiences. If you are on the lookout for one, tell us why you need to be part of this team.