Customer Stories

Testimonials from businesses running their support
ecosystem using HappyFox Help Desk.

Active Directory Sync is what motivated us to go with HappyFox

Marblehead Schools

Kathy Hennessey

Tech Director,
Marblehead Schools

Knowledge Base is what persuaded us to purchase HappyFox

Pinewood Private School

Bill Bates

Director of Technology,
Pinewood Private School

Workflow automation and easy customization made it effortless to handle requests

High Point Academy

Robert Quarles

IT Support Manager
High Point Academy

HappyFox has provided our business with the ability to truly measure multiple performance metrics with simplicity

LoanLogics logo

Joseph Feola

Vice President
Support Operations

The staff members at HappyFox are truly a pleasure to work with

Metroland Media

Abe Fakhourie

Metroland Media

Leveraging HappyFox's comprehensive features, we successfully enhanced hospital operations and patient experience.

Medipulse Hospitals


Hospital & Healthcare

If you need a ticketing system for customer support and collaborative email, HappyFox is the best there is!

Improved Racing

Michael Ihns

President, Improved Racing

HappyFox's intelligent ticket prioritization ensures that urgent issues are addressed promptly, improving our overall response time.


Tiffany Erdall

System Admin, Minnetronix

Over the past five years, HappyFox has steered us through over 100K+ design requests. Without it, we would have been utterly lost; with it, we’ve achieved the unimaginable!


Shawna Kelley

Director, Design Services

Future of service management relies on modern, AI driven automation platform that brings together every team, workflow. We found HappyFox to balance this extremely well.


Justin Gere

Manager, IT Operations
Dartmouth University

HappyFox has not just been a tool; it's been a game-changer for Sonny's BBQ. The efficiency and clarity it brought to our IT support and business intelligence processes have allowed us to significantly reduce ticket volumes while improving our operational insights.

Sonny's BBQ

Joshua Gravely

Information Technology Manager,
Sonny's BBQ

HappyFox's s intuitive interface and ease of use meant we were operational within hours, not days. The simplicity and efficiency of HappyFox allowed us to transform our service desk operations.


John Stergakis


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service software suite

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