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Thousands of Organizations Trust HappyFox

AI-powered IT Support in Slack and
Microsoft Teams


Deflect tickets with AI

Assist AI can automatically respond to repetitive questions with answers from your internal knowledge base. Increased ticket deflection leads to decreased operational costs and improved employee experience.


Respond directly in Slack
or Teams

Assist AI allows your support team to view and respond to all incoming requests directly within Slack or Microsoft Teams. Less context-switching leads to improved agent productivity and CSAT score.


Track messages as tickets

Assist AI automatically creates a ticket and maintains a complete record of all human and bot interactions for every support request. A thorough audit log helps to maintain business process compliance.


Learn and improve
with feedback

Assist AI continuously learns and improves its responses from employee interactions and feedback. With advanced Machine Learning and AI models, Assist AI gets more accurate every day.

Connect Assist AI to your Knowledge base
and Ticketing System

Automate your IT Support with Assist AI

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