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HappyFox + Shopify for a Better Ecommerce Help Desk

Constant switching between tools to manage orders is a thing of the past. Get the order information you need inside HappyFox. Bring best-in-class customer support experience to your Shopify e-commerce stores.

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Look up Shopify customer information on your help desk

As a support agent, it can be overwhelming to head over to Shopify to know about the details of the customer. With HappyFox - Shopify integration, you can view all the essential details about your customer right where you need them.

Connect to Multiple Shopify Stores

If you run multiple Shopify stores, you can connect them all to a single HappyFox account. Whenever a customer contacts you on your help desk, HappyFox pulls up customer and order information segmented by different stores.

Access Shopify order history with a single click

View recent order history from the Shopify store whenever the customer contacts you on your help desk. This way, your support agents always can stay informed about the customer order right from your ticket details view.


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