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The all-in-one Help Desk ticketing system that provides faster and better support for your customers.

Single Platform for your Omnichannel Requests

Convert email, phone, chat, social media, and web requests into tickets and keep them organized.



Don’t let customer emails slip through! Point your support email address into HappyFox’s support ticket system to have all incoming emails converted to actionable tickets.

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Speak with your customers right from your Help Desk! All calls, transcripts, and recordings will take the form of a newly created ticket within HappyFox.

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Social Media

Want to track, prioritize, and follow-up on social media requests from one place? HappyFox lets you keep an eye on social media mentions and messages from Facebook and Twitter.

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Live Chat

Add a chat plugin to your support center or your website by integrating with HappyFox Chat or other supported live chat widgets. Record all customer conversations as Help Desk tickets.

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Self Service

Help end users resolve issues on their own. Manage knowledge base articles and FAQs in various languages and intelligently deflect ticket creation. Build customizable new ticket forms to gather incoming service requests.

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Internal Communication

Using Slack or Microsoft Teams to manage internal support? Enable users to create tickets and receive notifications in business communication platforms through powerful integrations.

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Experience a
Easy to Use
Ticketing System

A ticketing system built on best practices and rated as the best Help Desk software by multiple independent industry sources.

Ticket Categories

Classify your inbound tickets into predefined categories like products, sales, support, etc., and see your omnichannel requests flow into the right ticket categories of your support ticket system.

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Private Notes for Collaboration

Solving a customer’s ticket often requires internal discussion with subject matter experts. Use private notes to alert your team and discuss tickets confidentially.

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Ticket Templates

You can use ticket templates to pre-fill ticket properties including custom fields. By creating multiple templates, you can simplify ticket creation for recurring issues.

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Ticket Actions

When your customers’ issues are complex, managing multiple tickets around them can be perplexing. With HappyFox, you can clone, relate, merge, or split tickets to manage complex issues & requests.

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Canned Responses

Common questions from cropping up again and again? With Canned Actions, your agents can create a predefined set of reply templates that they can send out with a single click.

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Task Management

Break down complex tickets into constituent tasks. Create and manage all the tasks involved in resolving a ticket, inside the tickets page.

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Choose your customer service solution plan to match your needs

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Promote Self-help with an Online Knowledge Base

A ticketing system built on best practices and rated as the best Help Desk software by multiple independent industry sources.

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Internal Knowledge Base

Create Knowledge base articles and FAQs for your agents or select customers. Share knowledge seamlessly and ensure rapid training.

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External Knowledge Base

Create Knowledge base articles and FAQs for the general public. Enable your customers to help themselves!

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Multilingual Knowledge Base

Create knowledge articles in multiple languages to onboard a global team effectively and enable them to create their own content that addresses common customer issues in their own language.

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No-code Support Portal builder

Build your own, SEO optimized, mobile responsive support portal so that it adheres to the look and feel of your brand!

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Contact Portal

Build a completely customizable contact portal for your customers where they can log in and track their tickets.

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AI-powered Chatbots

Leverage Chatbots to enhance your support and help customers get real-time answers from your knowledge base content any time they want.

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Integrate with
Popular SaaS Applications

Integrate HappyFox with CRM, online stores, call centers or project management tools. Bring information from other SaaS products into HappyFox and get more context.

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Boost your Help Desk Efficiency with Powerful Automation

Automate each step of your support team’s everyday workflows with HappyFox’s powerful automation suite.

Smart Rules

Define your own trigger conditions and automate everyday actions in your Help Desk and ensure so no change or event is missed.

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Auto Assignment

Reduce the time spent assigning tickets and use intelligently routing algorithms to assign tickets to the right agent.

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Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Improve productivity of your support team by automating escalations and ticket reassignment based on your SLA, number of responses, etc.

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Ticket Notifications

Get notified about everything happening on your Help Desk with Email, Slack or Microsoft Teams notification templates, wherever you go.

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Perform Cross-Platform Automation with HappyFox Workflows

Implement better business processes and improve organization-wide productivity.

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Measure and Analyze your Customer Support Metrics

Make data-driven decisions using insights you can gather from HappyFox’s modular, real-time reports.

Inflow Report

Monitor Ticket Inflow, observe trends & optimize support strategy. Identify peak hours and tweak agent availability.

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Agent Activity Report

Identify top performers and agents who need more training and build agent leaderboards for various ticket related activities

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Performance Report

Measure first contact resolution(FCR), response times & closure times. Monitor your agents’ performance and identify areas of improvement.

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Custom Fields Report

Gather insights from your Ticket Classifications and Contact Segregations. View distribution of custom field values across tickets or contacts.

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Distribution Report

View distribution of tickets across Status, Priority, Category, Assignee. View the trend of tickets across time.

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Satisfaction Survey Report

Observe and improve your customer satisfaction (CSAT) Score. Identify your happy and unhappy customers.

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Customer Reports

Visualize the Ticket Volume, No. of replies, SLA breaches, and more against each contact.

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Automation Reports

Track your automation gains and analyze time-saved through workflow automation. Monitor configured Smart Rules and their execution trends.

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Fine-tune your CX Ops with HappyFox Business Intelligence software

Gain deeper visibility into customer interactions and craft your own reports.

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Customize your
Help Desk to your Unique Needs

Create your own custom fields, streamline workflows & personalize the customer experience.

Custom Roles and Permissions

Let the roles assigned to your support agents take precedence in deciding who gets access to data and who is allowed to take critical actions.

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Multi-Brand Help Desk

Create customized knowledge bases for each brand or product, have a separate new ticket form and customer portal so that your support is personalized, unique, and simple.

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Work Schedules

Does your support team work in different shifts? If yes, work schedules can help you clearly define the work timings of your support team and that ensure the volume of work is completed in the most efficient way possible.

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Custom Fields

Go beyond the basic form and collect additional contacts, ticket-specific information, etc. using custom fields to resolve support queries in the shortest possible time.

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Custom Queues

Customize your personal workflow while resolving customer queries. Create a personalized queue to display tickets in the preferred order, say, from multiple categories, statuses, and ownership.

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Support your Customers
from Anywhere, Anytime!

Ensure configuration, maintenance and governance experience for administrators is seamless with HappyFox Help Desk.

asset management

Effortless Help Desk
Maintenance and

Ensure configuration, maintenance and governance experience for administrators is seamless with HappyFox Help Desk.

asset management

Audit Logs

Keep track of Help Desk change management using Audit Logs. Be Compliant with standards and ensure agent accountability.

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Asset Management

Transform your Help Desk into an IT service desk. Enable your IT team to track and manage all your hardware and software assets in one place.

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Contact Management

Maintain a live repository of customer profiles. Use custom fields to add additional information or add them to groups to segregate them!

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Automatic Ticket Deletion/Redaction

Ensure industry compliances and enhanced data privacy by configuring rules that will automatically delete or redact customer data from Help Desk.

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My staff are no longer daunted by customer communication!

Tim Sherret, Sennheiser

Take Complete
Control of your
Help Desk Security

Get all the advantages of a cloud-based platform. HappyFox offers unparalleled, enterprise-grade security with advanced functionality.

Data Security

HappyFox is committed to providing robust security for all its customers and their data stored across all its products & services.

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IP Restrictions

HappyFox allows you to whitelist the IP addresses from which agents can access their agent portal

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Custom SSL certificates

Encrypt your communication between web browsers and web servers. All HappyFox accounts come with an in-built SSL customization module.

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Single-Sign-On options

Set up a single sign-on (SSO) script to authenticate agents and customers on your HappyFox account by letting them use their existing credentials.

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Two Factor Authentication

Significantly decrease the risk of unauthorized access and system breaches by incorporating an additional layer of security using Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

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Session-based Security

Automatically log out when an agent leaves the computer unattended while still logged in.

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Ensure Seamless Onboarding
Experience for your
support agents

Looking to onboard your agents or setting up HappyFox Help Desk for the first time? Leverage these tools to get started quickly!

HappyFox university

HappyFox University

New agents can now kickstart their HappyFox journey using HappyFox University – a cool new in-app learning module that allows agents to be on-boarded at their own pace

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Support Center

Need to deep-dive into a HappyFox feature? Explore our exhaustive knowledge base to get instant help.

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Discover educational webinars hosted by the HappyFox team on popular customer service topics and HappyFox features.

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E-books and Guides

Use guides, e-books, videos, and more to help with your quest of providing exceptional customer service.

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Get the latest HappyFox news, tips on how to use HappyFox features, customer service methodologies, and more with the articles on our blog.

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Customer Success Manager

Stuck with setting up an intricate customer support workflow? Book a 30-minute session with your customer success manager to clarify doubts or best practices.

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Talk to a Help Desk Specialist. Get a one-on-one demo, that’s quick and focused on your business needs.