Handle all inbound requests in one ticketing system

Convert email, phone, chat and web requests into tickets and keep them organized.

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Chat Integration
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Multi Branding
Email ticketing system Point your support email address into HappyFox’s support ticket system to have all incoming e-mails  converted  to actionable tickets. Social Media Integration HappyFox provides support for social media by converting private messages from your Facebook page into tickets within your help desk system. Voice integration Speak with your customers right from your system! The best part? All calls, transcripts and recordings will take the form of a newly created ticket within HappyFox. Chat integration Tickets are created for every chat conversation on your website, seamlessly. Easily add chat widget to your support center. Integrate with HappyFox Chat or other supported third party services. Embeddable website widget When customers are seeking your help through the support forms embedded on your website pages, it is time you have this information in your support ticket software as tickets under predefined categories. Unite your organization Use HappyFox to bring all of your systems together. Support requests from CRM or ERP systems can be supported and converted into easy-to-manage tickets with HappyFox. Multi Brand Help Desk HappyFox is a multi-brand help desk system that gives you the freedom to have personalized support centers for all of your brands, managed from one central help desk. Create a customized knowledge base and customer portal replete with your brand names, logos, fonts and information; allowing your customers to connect with the brand they are searching and gather solutions without any hassle. Multilingual Knowledge Base Cater to customers across the globe by offering a multilingual knowledge base. Upload articles in various languages and allow customers to switch between languages with a click of a button

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Free your support ticket system from chaos

Create a flexible yet organized ticketing workflow.

Categorize Associate your support email addresses to predefined categories like products, sales, support etc. and see your email tickets flow into the right ticket categories of your support ticket system.
Organize your tickets by categories, add new categories in your support ticket system
when there are a lot support requests coming in from your customers, assign status and priority to those tickets that require immediate response and monitor them within the ticketing system
Prioritize Do you have favorite customers? If so, mark their support requests as priority in the ticketing system, assign status to these tickets and monitor their progress regularly. In fact, all it takes is a mobile phone, iOS or Android. New open pending close Add a new status
Assign How does your HappyFox ticketing system automatically assign tickets to the right agent? A round robin algorithm identifies it and distributes tickets, in turns. Best! Your agents are instantly alerted when they are assigned a ticket.
Assinging tickets to the right support staff is now automatic on your help desk software with a smart algorithm built in
Decide and control which of your agents need to gain access to tickets, by defining roles on this simple support ticket system
    Limit access Which of your agents get access to the ticketing system? Now, you can decide that. Simple. Tick a few boxes to define the roles and control access of every team member.
    Tag Does your agent spend a lot of time finding that one ticket from the pile? End your hunt by tagging issues with keywords and making a connection between similar tickets, beyond categories and status. The powerful tag management system helps you to organize, search, filter and browse support tickets across categories. Tags also can be used to automate workflow and create reports.
    Search find and track customer support tickets using tags
    Contact groups Bring in contacts from the same company under one group and make support more manageable. Better yet, allow group members to see the tickets raised by  others.
    Have all staff contacts under one contact group of your ticketing system
    Self-service knowledge base software Empower your customers with product or service knowledge. Add documents, images, videos and file attachments to enable self-help. Now! Start seeing a reduction in the volume of customer queries.
    Self service knowledge base is a self help portal for your customers where they can access information, FAQs about your product or service
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    Let a faster ticketing system do all the responding

    Find facts, discuss internally and then respond. All from one simple interface.

    Email support As support agents, you receive an email notification for every customer query that land in your support ticket software. Respond by email from your phone, tablet or any email-enabled device without logging into HappyFox. Conveniently!
    Respond to customer support queries from any email enabled devices
    The Red dot How can you spot tickets in the support ticket software that are not responded to? Easy! A smart red dot placed on all unattended tickets turns grey when you respond - A red alert to customer support.
    Follow and track the support tickets you care about on your help desk
    Follow ticket threads Tap the star button in the HappyFox support ticket system to follow conversations and tickets that you care about. Get notified every time the ticket is updated.
    Ticket response has never been this easy. Respond, answer and contact multiple customers at the same time
    Respond to multiple contacts If you want multiple contacts from the same organization to be informed of your resolution, just mark them all in your ticket. When they respond to this thread, it gets appended.
    Save time with canned actions To enable faster response to your customers’ queries, use existing tickets to create predefined replies and maintain consistency.
    Enhance productivity of your ticketing system using predefined canned actions
    Cite official documentation from knowledgebase on your help desk tickets
    Suggest references If your response is backed by an official documentation and links to knowledge base articles within the support ticket system, it means your response is reliable and empowers your customer with required product / service knowledge.
    Agents can now collaborate as a tool team for solving tickets effectively, as suggested by the Gartner and Forrester agencies of the world
    Collaborate internally Solving a customer’s ticket often requires internal discussion, however, at this stage, would you want your customer to see this “work in progress”? No? Use private notes to alert only the staff members and discuss tickets confidentially.
    Collaborate externally If you have to work with external partners or vendors before responding to a customer request, you can. By effortlessly sharing a wealth of information with them - ticket thread, associated conversations, private notes and attachments.

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    Manage complex issues & requests, quite simply

    Clone, relate, merge or split. Everything you need in a help desk ticketing system.

    clone help desk tickets
    Merge tickets that are similar  for effective customer support requests resolution

    track and solve all the related tickets on your help desk
    split a customer support ticket that discusses multiple issues, for easy delegation
    print help desk tickets
    Manage Attach

    Manage Scale
    Customer Profile
    Private Ticket
    Clone tickets Do you get the same kind of request from customers regularly? Start Cloning. Create multiple variants of an existing ticket in support ticket system. All the prepopulated fields of the clone can be edited, as you see fit. Merge tickets Do your customers create multiple tickets for the same issue? In here, HappyFox lets you merge related tickets into one before resolving it. The merged tickets get promptly archived in your ticketing system for future reference. Relate similar tickets When your customers’ issues are complex, managing multiple tickets around them is perplexing. With this easy ticketing system, you can track related issues, link them, monitor them all together and solve one after the other. Split issues into multiple tickets Do your customers often report multiple issues in the same email? It’s Common! Split those issues into individual tickets, assign them to the right queue and do not let the “time spent on a ticket” metrics spike. Print and carry your tickets Load your field sales / support teams with facts before every customer meeting. Convert the customer’s tickets and conversion threads, into neatly formatted documents. Either print them out or export as a tablet ready PDF. Attach multiple files to a ticket Ever wanted more “context” to an issue, so you could have solved it sooner than later? Let your customers start attaching files and documents of all popular formats to a ticket to provide a better understanding. Scale at ease How can you scale your support team’s strength up or down, on demand? With HappyFox support ticket system. You can add new staff or deactivate them effortlessly, and still retain the ticket history after deactivation. Customer profile. All in one place Pull in customer details such as demography, contact and other business data points from your CRM solution to see them alongside the ticket history. Right here! on a simple one-view console of your help desk software. Private TicketA private visible only to staff ticket enables cross-team collaboration, that may include resolving an existing customer issue or finding more information about a customer, in the backend without notifying the customer.
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    Analyse help desk metrics & create solid actions

    A ticketing system that can crunch your support process data.

    Help desk data is key to the customer support function. HappyFox presents a dashboard of customer support data and analytics
    Help desk analytics dashboard Do you track the help desk metrics that impact your customer support performance? Derive insights out of variables like recent tickets, ticket inflow, status, priority distribution and performance of your team from a visual dashboard.
    Activities tracker in the support ticket system Ever examined the level of your support staff participation? An activity log captures all ticket level actions in chronological order with an accurate timestamp, helping you scan the extent of staff participation.
    Track and follow your help desk activities and assess your support staff performance

    Automate Time Tracking
    Automate Time Tracking Ever wondered where most of your support time is spent and on what issues ? HappyFox enables you to automatically track and log time spent on a ticket with the click of a button. You can now create timesheets and send time spent on support for billing and invoicing.

    Create reports on the fly Is your business data driven? Get started with “custom reports” to see complex support data simplified into visual charts and graphs. Filter the report with more data sources and conditions, to spot interesting trends.
    Help desk performance reporting
    Create help desk performance reports
    Scheduled reportsDo you need your support team to monitor support performance regularly? Make them lean back and relax while the report summaries automatically get sent as emails, using the scheduled reports feature.

    Decide which reports you need, how frequently you need them and for what period and add the filters if necessary. The exact version of that report summary will be sent to your mailbox based on your frequency.
    Gather full overview with life-cycle reportsHappyFox also has a life-cycle reports feature for you to see the complete history of a ticket including time spent on each status, the current assignee and status and date of creation. Thus you can track how your tickets are being handled and use the insight to optimize your support process.
    Custom reports dashboardData is key to making informed decisions, especially in the context of customer support. But filtering through a lot of available data can be daunting and time consuming. HappyFox lets you to add custom reporting widgets that you care about, from various reports, under the same roof. Using custom dashboard, support managers can quickly access key metrics.
    Help desk performance reporting
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    Ease your day with a smart help desk software

    Outsource complex and redundant workflows to a powerful smart rules engine.

    Up your productivity with smart rules Cut the redundant, unproductive routines from your support ticket system. With an automated help desk like HappyFox, just make the choice to mechanize a major chunk of the administrative duties, save significant time and stay productive. Notification Say, your support staff is busier than usual with a surge in customer requests. With an automated help desk like HappyFox, your staff and admin stay informed in the meantime about other tickets created, customer replies to these tickets, staff assignment and more, through notifications. Smart ticket assignment Engage your support staff evenly! Using a smart round-robin feature that automates ticket assignment to the staff pool. Eliminate the need for an admin intervention. Now, you are smarter and faster than ever with your responses.
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    Tailor your support ticket system in all forms

    Create your own custom fields, workflows & personalize the support experience.

    support customers across different languages with HappyFox multilingual help desk

    customer notifications
    create your own queue and workflow in solving tickets
    Localize your support ticket software Have you got support staff from various geographies speaking different languages? This multilingual ticketing system lets your staff spin the globe, pick a language and start solving tickets. Upload knowledge base articles in many languages and allow customers to switch between languages with a click of a button. Custom notifications Effortlessly, personalize the communication with your customers by creating dynamic, category specific notification templates and inserting ticket specific data using tags. My queue As a support agent, you can have the liberty to redefine your personal workflow in resolving customer queries. Create a personalized queue to displays tickets in the preferred order, say, from multiple categories, statuses and ownership.
    easily customize, rebrand and make the look and feel of the support ticket system resemble your business
    customize your help desk in line with your company's branding

    customize your help desk in line with your own timezone
    customize your help desk with custom fields
    Look & feel Your ticketing system is integral to your business culture. Therefore, keep it intact and uniform, by styling the help desk interface to reflect your company’s elements like logo, colors and more. Brand your support center using CSS customization to reflect your company’s font styles, colors and personalize it to achieve the look you need. Time zone Do you support customers across different time zones? In here, the imperative is to track and resolve customer queries at the earliest, in their local time. So, let your staff choose the time zone in the app. Custom fields Go beyond the basic form and collect additional contacts, ticket specific information etc. using custom fields to resolve support queries in the shortest possible time

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