Canned Responses: Save time spent on answering commonly asked questions

Create response templates and reduce support effort

Define your canned responses for help desk tickets

HappyFox help desk was built to make your customer support simple. It includes the Canned Actions feature to simplify repetitive responses.

What is a Canned Action? A Canned Action is a pre-defined, stored response for commonly asked questions or commonly received requests. A canned action can be a simple or elaborate reply, formatted to your needs or a stored action performed on ticket properties. Canned responses are category-specific and are easy to access from your ticket reply page.

collaborate with other support agents to resolve tickets through private note

What can you do with Canned actions? HappyFox Canned Actions settings allow you to pre-define a reply, format the font/color/style and store it, so it can be sent as a reply with the click of a button.

Configure a canned action for marking ticket status to ‘Solved’ once the response is sent. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about changing ticket status manually after you have sent your canned response.

Restrict staff access for Canned Actions to make sure only specific canned responses are available for certain staff.

Knowledge Base References You can either store a simplified version of the article as a canned response or directly send the knowledge base article as a link for them to refer to it.

So, go ahead and create your Canned Responses and enjoy the benefits.

Save support cost and time
Save support cost and time
Improve resolution time
Improve resolution time
Reduce chances of error
Reduce chances of error
Increase support efficiencyIncrease support efficiency
Increase support efficiency

The learning curve for our support team was as easy as it could have been.

Matt Pendergraff,