Twilio voice and HappyFox – It’s your call.

Twilio is a cloud based communications company that enables voice and SMS services.

How can you make customer support feel real and now?

By giving it a human voice.

Let your customers be heard on a Voice Help Desk

  • Receive inbound calls and initiate outbound calls from right within the application, in real time
  • Unified view of call details and tickets
  • Refer to the voice recording in the ticket itself
  • Pay no extra
  • Code no more
  • Get started in minutes

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Why Twilio?

Simple. Twilio is the strongest voice in the cloud and has powered us to
create amazing voice support experience for our customers. Everyday!

Twilio Voice Happyfox Integration enables you to take customer support calls right from the help desk app

Get Twilio’ed!
The easiest way to handle customer call-ins

With Twilio integration built-in, convert voice calls into tickets.

  • Obtain your callers’ details such as name, email and pending tickets. Right from your HappyFox interface
  • Refer to the call details and voice recording attached in the ticket itself, during your customer follow ups.
  • Have all your customer calls transcribed into summaries, as a part of the ticket

Real Deal

Twilio + HappyFox connects you with your customers on channels other than email and chat. Isn’t it time you offered your customers this choice?

  • Bring all your customer support information into a single window to become super productive.
  • Surprise! You don’t pay anything extra, unlike some leading help desks that charge a mark up on the twilio call cost