Making the move from AtSpoke? Consider an intuitive and advanced AI system

Assist AI is the best-in-class Slack-based conversational AI and conversational ticketing solution. It can help you speed up ticket resolution, improve customer experience, and keep your support team HappyFox Help Desk, multi-channel ticket management free to tackle important tasks. This, with that can help your enterprise achieve high rates of employee engagement and satisfaction.

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Adopt A Practical Help Desk, Boost Customer Satisfaction

What to look for in an AtSpoke alternative

As you make the switch from AtSpoke, you definitely want to adopt an issue resolution and IT help desk solution that matches or beats it. However, there are a few non-negotiables you must look for.

Conversational AI

AI-powered messaging with employees and smart conversation routing.

Best-in-class user experience

Let your employees continue with the same communication channel — Slack.

Integrate with external apps

Connect with self-service, ticketing, and automation apps to ease operations.

Connect multiple knowledge bases

Sync data from a variety of knowledge management platforms.

Ease ticket migration

Easy migration of old and open tickets, without any hassle.

What makes HappyFox widely loved 😍

Assist AI is an AI and conversational ticketing solution that includes automation and reporting functionalities in addition to a growing KB and SaaS integration library. This allows for higher customer interactions and efficient customer support — all on a self-service portal that functions within Slack. It can also double up as an help desk solution, performing functions like ticketing, escalations, asset management, and many more.

Key Solution Components of HappyFox Assist AI

Conversational AI

Employee Self Service-

Employees can ask Assist AI their questions, which will then use KBs and AI to give prompt answers, leaving your service team time to focus on more important tasks.

Training the AI+

With the help of machine learning, user feedback is used to train Assist AI, ensuring relevant solutions to employee requests and questions.

Extensive knowledge sources+

You can connect KB's and SaaS apps like Okta, Get Guru, Notion, Simpplr, HappyFox Help Desk, Jira, and more with Assist AI.

In-built answers+

You can create, edit, and manage FAQs within Assist AI with our Answers feature. This can be used in addition to the other knowledge sources.

Conversational AI

Improve agent productivity

Automate approvals and assignment-

Leverage the HappyFox Help Desk and Workflow integration to tackle multi-step approvals. It also auto-assigns tickets on the basis of department, agent role, and availability.

Perform actions in external systems+

You can perform tasks on external apps like identity management systems, help desks, and mobile device management tools within Assist AI through our Quick Actions feature

Recommendations for the web interface+

On Help Desk, agents can run searches on not only the HappyFox knowledge base but also external tools like Notion and Simpplr, aggregating information from multiple sources.

Leverage advanced automation+

Automate tasks and save time, effort, and money with features like Smart Rules, intelligent routing, and ticket notifications. Also, allow workflows to be triggered directly from tickets.

Improve agent productivity

Contact experience

Get support on any device-

Users can access contact centers on mobile and desktop devices. Your agents can leverage our mobile apps to create and act on tickets on the move.

Leverage custom forms+

Ensure quick issue resolution and customer satisfaction with the help of HappyFox Workflows which automates information collection and processing.

Send out customized surveys+

We provide customer survey templates and in-built CSAT for a 3-star rating, while more advanced functions are carried out on HappyFox Workflows.

Notify relevant stakeholders+

Ensure relevant contacts are in the know-how through automated notifications through Helpdesk, Workflows, and Assist AI.

Contact experience


Ticket Life Cycle-

Assign custom statuses to tickets on HappyFox and also classify tickets into predefined categories, organizing your omnichannel requests.

Single sign-on+

Leverage our Okta and Google SSO integrations to authenticate agents and employees and let them use Happyfox with their existing credentials.

Ticketing system+

Utilize the powers of conversational ticketing with HappyFox Helpdesk and also other ticketing systems like Jira Service Desk.

Reporting and analytics+

Optimize ticketing with our advanced reporting and analytics features, which include Helpdesk, AI, and agent resolution reports to help you make data-driven decisions.


Your search for an integrated employee support help desk software ends here!

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