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Tackle subscriber queries, build loyalty and customer retention

With the dominance of internet based communication tools, the market for traditional telecom operators is witnessing a dramatic reduction. The best strategy for telecom enterprises during these times is to focus on subscriber retention, by active participation with customers to help eliminate any chances of dissatisfaction. This also involves responding to requests in a timely fashion.

The HappyFox telecom help desk paves the way for simplifying your overall customer support process by creating easily categorizable tickets for all your customer queries. One of the key challenges for the telecom industry is to understand customer expectations so as to deliver the right services. HappyFox lets you gather feedback from customers and process it, so your company can enhance its service delivery.

Telecom Industries
help desk software for telecom services

General customer support

Mobile network operators are seeing an explosive increase in traffic, with millions of queries regarding plans, offers and complaints flooding the system. HappyFox is an intuitive telecom help desk software that can organize all these requests, distribute it effectively amongst support agents to ensure no request is left unanswered nor is there ever a delay in the response times.

IT Tech Support and internal collaboration

Let all your internal IT related support requests get routed into the HappyFox ticketing system so that your IT support team can address the same. Happyfox also lets you collaborate internally between teams using private notes so that any issue can be worked on together cohesively and resolved with minimal or no delay.

 IT help desk software for telecom services
manage vendor communication with happyfox help desk software

Vendor and partner communication

Telecom companies need flexibility and reliability and a sound framework that seamlessly merges the work of various partners, vendors etc. The HappyFox telecom help desk integrates with these partners and manages vendor communication by creating tickets for all tasks, so that they can be tracked. By reducing the time taken for vendor communication, your services to the customer can be smoother and swifter.

Managing customer contacts, leads and prospects

How does a telecom major keep a tab on all their leads and prospects? They don’t. They leave it to a comprehensive application like HappyFox. HappyFox contact management lets you manage all your customer contacts and leads and create tickets to monitor progress so that no lead gets missed out and business is never affected.

Manage customer contact information with HappyFox help desk software

Collecting customer feedback and creating community forums

Gathering feedback about your products and services and about the quality of your support, is no longer an ordeal. Powered by useful integrations, HappyFox lets you stay adrift of customer wishes, and their responses to your services, so that you can use the feedback to fix pain areas for your subscriber.

By creating topics on community forums, you can even do away with the need for continuous support as customers can discuss among themselves about issues and obtain resolutions and tips from one another..

community forum software for telecom services

Self-service Knowledge base for software/hardware installation

Want to configure your modem? Telephone line fault? No problem. Give your customers the opportunity to educate themselves about fixing issues in the system using the HappyFox Knowledge base software. Create a set of FAQs for your customers to find their easily. Also. you can authorize your knowledge base to be shown only to staff, so that it can act as internal communication desk.

Telecom services can now support and manage community forums with HappyFox

Monthly plans start from $29 a month

Help desk Integration

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