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Improve operational efficiency by centralizing communication using the HappyFox travel help desk

Being a highly volatile industry, travel and hospitality has to constantly adapt to the changing needs of global travelers, while simultaneously concentrating on providing a positive travel experience and ensuring perfect customer service delivery at various touch points.

Manual service delivery can quickly become unsustainable and inefficient. The optimal solution would be to leave all the customer queries, support requests and contact management to a help desk software. Say hello to HappyFox.

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handle and organize customer support requests using HappyFox help desk

Manage availability, complaints and promotions

With growth in the number of customers, comes an overwhelming volume of customer support enquiries about availability of seats, reservations status, discount packages, hotels etc. Individually tracking each mail and call is not only time and labor intensive but also very ineffective.

HappyFox converts all these mails and calls into tickets, so your support staff can categorize and address them.

To respond to destination related queries, the HappyFox support center provides a knowledge base and FAQ section for your travelers to gather information on the move.

manage and track customer enquiries using a centralized help desk
manage vendor and partner collaboration using HappyFox help desk software

Organize vendor and travel partner communications

Vendors and travel partners catering to your customers might need information from you and any lapse there will directly impact your customer experience. Bring about a strong vendor and travel partner collaboration with the help of HappyFox tickets. Use HappyFox as your centralized service desk for all your internal business communications as well as across your supply chain.

Collect and organize customer feedback

Customers love to discuss travel experiences and give feedback about the feel of the trip. With the HappyFox forums, customers can bring positive and constructive feedback about their experience and also view feedback from other customers, thereby enhancing your customer base.

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manage shared services and internal communication with in organization

Manage shared services (IT, AP, AR, Facilities, HR) communications and internal request processing

Being pioneers in tech support, HappyFox manages all your internal request processing and makes sure that work is never stalled because of poor communication between various departments. An internal issue is immediately raised as a ticket and addressed to the concerned team for their action.

Social support on the move. Via Facebook

If your customers want to communicate with you while traveling, HappyFox makes it easy for them to do so via Facebook. With this social media integration, hey can send private messages to your Facebook account that your support staff will receive as a ticket. Any responses on the ticket will go back as a message to your customer.

HappyFox customer support software now integrates with Magento ecommerce software.

Monthly plans start from $29 a month

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