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According to Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, home ownership rates have been falling consistently for over 8 years, even though there are many finance options with highly low interest rates. People are adopting for renter households instead, and this trend can change only with a strategy that is purely customer-centric and one that provides maximum customer satisfaction.

To encourage buyers and agents, real estate firms need to respond to their queries, give them easy access to property information and also give good post-sales service.
The HappyFox real estate help desk software lets your customers create tickets for all their issues, which your support team can respond to in time. Further, it also gives you easy methods to share information with your customers regarding your properties.

Real Estate Industry
Real estate help desk software

Customer support for prospective buyers and sellers

Real estate is a very calculative investment for people, and they need to have complete understanding of the property before buying or selling. This means there will be multiple questions from buyers requesting for information and clarification.

To handle such large volume of traffic and provide efficient real estate customer service, HappyFox converts all the mails into tickets for you to look into. With the Twilio integration, you can now take voice calls from your HappyFox app and have the conversations stored as tickets in your HappyFox ticketing system.

Real estate help desk software
Real estate companies can now gather customer feedback using HappyFox feedback system

Collect feedback from customersCustomer service does not end with the purchase/sale of property. To optimize your business process, customer feedback is vital. Use the HappyFox customer feedback system to send out surveys to your customers, get feedback in the form of mails that will get stored as tickets. Understand the areas of difficulty for your customers, and improve operations to deliver better customer service.

Plan, Manage and track real estate marketing campaigns

Conducting marketing campaigns across multiple locations at once is no easy task. There will be different people manning these campaigns at different locations, and your company should ensure smooth execution of all these campaigns. Use the HappyFox ticketing system to manage tasks by creating relevant tickets, plan campaigns accordingly and monitor the progress of campaigns based on their respective ticket status.

Real estate companies can now plan marketing campaigns using HappyFox help desk software
Customer contact management with HappyFox

Sales, leads and customer information

HappyFox also provides scope for real estate contact management, by storing all your contacts in the system and allowing you to access them easily. Thus, you can understand your customers better and give personalized responses to their queries. HappyFox is also integrated with many CRMs to bring your contact information from a CRM onto your HappyFox ticket.

Manage team collaboration and tasks

To collaborate between teams and manage tasks, HappyFox introduces the community forum feature, wherein you can have internal discussions between teams. You can also manage tasks by creating tickets, discuss confidentially using the Private notes feature and thus facilitate complete task management from one single interface.

Manage tasks and projects with HappyFox Help Desk software

Self-service knowledge base

What are the methods to approach you? How does one initiate a sale/purchase? What are the contact numbers? These are the barrage of questions that commonly flow into your ticketing system. With a thorough knowledge base management and FAQ system, remove the need for customers to contact you, by giving access to all vital information on your HappyFox support center.

Real estate can thrive only when the demand for satisfactory customer service is met. Use the HappyFox real estate help desk software to provide the best customer experience, encourage more customers to buy/sell, and automatically witness overall growth.

self service knowledgebase software for real estate business

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