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Customer Service

An Integrated
Support System for
Happy Customers

Give your customers a unified support experience with HappyFox Help Desk and watch your customer loyalty and retention rates consistently improve.

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Customer Support Management

A well-informed customer support software can help you build lasting relationships with your customers.

It gives you the tools to understand customer needs and provide apt support in a timely manner. Today, each business requires customer service management software that allows seamless communication between agents and customers.

What a
Customer Support
software can do
for you

Increase retention rates

Optimizing your customer support workflows will help you provide excellent support, which will translate to happier and more loyal customers.

Upgrade overall productivity

Categorize tickets on a granular level with custom status, priority, and assignee tags. Create custom fields to easily track, search, and sort tickets and contacts.

Provide enhanced support

Improve how your team collaborates internally and with customers with a cloud-based help desk. Eliminate SLA breaches by defining strict service level targets.

Customized to your needs

Create custom fields, statuses, and categories that cater to your specific needs. Track and analyze your performance with scheduled reporting.

Here’s why you should choose HappyFox

  • Easy internal communication & collaboration
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Multi-language support
  • Automate tasks & actions
  • Schedule reporting & analytics
  • Self-service management system
  • Remote customer service
  • Relevant integrations
  • Support on social media
Customer Support Management

Easy internal communication & collaboration

Use features like private notes, internal knowledge base, and agent collision alert to manage internal communication, discuss important tickets, and provide timely support.

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Customer Support Management

Easy-to-use interface

HappyFox’s clean interface simplifies ticket tracking, viewing, and organization with queues and categories. Assign tickets to concerned agents to simplify communication.

Customer Support Management

Multi-language support

We support 35 languages including French, Dutch, German, and Spanish. Provide a holistic support experience irrespective of your customer and agent language preferences.

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Customer Support Management

Automate tasks & actions

Leverage the automation capabilities of customer support software to automate repetitive actions and save time and effort with features like Smart Rules.

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Customer Support Management

Schedule reporting & analytics

HappyFox helps you make data-backed decisions, monitor workload, and boost your team performance with insights from real-time reports.

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Customer Support Management

Self-service management system

Build a no-code knowledge base and a FAQ section with HappyFox where your customers can find solutions to common issues without raising a ticket.

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Customer Support Management

Remote customer service

Make modifications on your customer’s machine from a remote location with HappyFox’s LogMeIn Remote Support integration to solve issues faster and with less effort.

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Customer Support Management

Relevant integrations

Eliminate the need to toggle between various platforms like accounting systems, CRM apps, and survey tools by adding integrations to your help desk.

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Customer Support Management

Support on social media

Convert messages from Facebook and Twitter into tickets that you can prioritize and respond to from our omnichannel help desk.

Make Customer Service
Simpler, Easier, and More
Effective with Integrations

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Explore HappyFox App Marketplace

Customer Service Solutions For Every Team Size

Every company, irrespective of its size, can leverage the features of a customer support software
provider that suit them with tiered pricing options.

Ticketing System

Large Enterprises

Access to advanced features -

Up your support game with wide-ranging integrations and features like workflow management, AI-driven chatbots, asset management, agent scripting.

Ensure security frameworks +

Keep all data safe with features like 2FA, SSO, and audit logs. We also conform to industry-accepted security frameworks like GDPR, SOC 2 Type II, and CCPA certificates.

Cater to the vast audience +

Provide support to your customers from different time zones in a variety of languages with our multi-language help desk and a host of optimization features.

Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs)

Simplify & automate your business -

Employ HappyFox’s automation features like Smart Rules, auto assignments, and bulk actions to reduce manual work and earn time for more important tasks.

Provide growth-oriented support +

Maintain activity logs, enforce strict SLAs, and access support performance reports to make data-driven decisions that propel growth.

Flexible support & apt integrations +

Choose the integrations that suit your support workflow and workspace like live chat software, CRM, accounting apps from our integration app marketplace.

Ticketing System
Ticketing System

Early-Stage Companies

Functional within a small team -

Our Help Desk features like agent collision alerts, ticket management in queues, ticket subscriptions, and tags help you do more with less.

Omnichannel ticketing system +

Focus on growing your market presence while resolving customers from a variety of channels like email, phone, and social media platforms.

Mobile help desk +

Reply to tickets and resolve issues, and provide stellar support on the go, right from the mobile HappyFox Help Desk app.

With HappyFox we have a specialized partner, whose vast customer portfolio across multiple industries, sees and knows the next “big thing” in customer support, and integrates this into a compact and cost-effective solution, saving considerable effort, time and cost for us.

Martin Hartvigsen

Director, Global Technical Support

Improve Productivity & Customer Retention
With HappyFox Help Desk

Enjoy higher customer loyalty and agent performance with an integrated
support management software.