Omnichannel E-Commerce Customer
Support to Boost Customer Satisfaction

  • Encourage customers to self-serve
  • Provide tools for easy issue solving
  • Powerful apps & integrations

Boost Sales, Retention & Productivity with an eCommerce Help Desk Software

Efficient e-commerce help desk software can tackle supply chain communication challenges and access customer information, while positively impacting your retail growth. HappyFox has support software that helps you track and automate resolutions, manage customer support, leverage customization, and process feedback from your online store.

Simplify Complex Communication Channels

Facilitate supplier
communications with ease

Get the entire supply chain on one platform with third-party integrations that bridge the gap between suppliers, merchants, vendors, and distributors. With omnichannel customer service software, you can now initiate and address vendor collaboration.

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Make Smarter Decisions with Reporting

Effective order processing ticket management with third-party apps

Our integrations with Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Salesforce B2C Commerce help you streamline customer communication with inline purchase visibility. Your customer support agents can provide purchase and customer interactions details from these apps directly on the HappyFox ticket.

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Make Smarter Decisions with Reporting

Streamline internal and external communications

Organize the support workflow of your e-commerce platform by managing issues in a shared inbox with a multichannel ticketing system. You can distribute work amongst team members, transfer tickets, share input, and improve internal collaboration.

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Make Smarter Decisions with Reporting

Cut out the chaos with a unified help desk for your sub-brands

Eliminate confusion created by using the same help desk solution for each of your products or company sub-divisions. Create separate knowledge bases with full customization control and introduce seamless communication within your organization.

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Multi-Channel Help Desk

Boost Efficiency with
Omnichannel Support

With HappyFox, you can utilize two-way sync with a variety of communication channels like SMS, social media, phone, live chat, REST APIs, and forms to address support queries.

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Unify support across departments

Boost Productivity by Saving Time & Effort

Gather business intelligence with reporting and analytics

View real-time reports on customer satisfaction, SLA fulfillment, and ticket inflow to drive improvements in decision-making, response time, resolution time, support team performance, and other key metrics using HappyFox Reporting Module.

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Make Smarter Decisions with Reporting

Leverage Smart Rules and automation functionalities

Reduce time spent assigning tickets and focus on providing better customer experience through Automatic Ticket Assignment. The HappyFox Smart Rules functionality helps your customer service team automate repetitive tasks and route tickets to appropriate teams.

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Use handy canned actions to speed up tasks

Any e-commerce company knows the value of a quick response time. Use predefined replies or canned actions to enable quick responses to customer queries and give your service agents space to maintain consistency and provide better support.

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Update E-Commerce orders directly from your help desk

Update a shipping address or even issue a partial refund from directly within HappyFox. Build automated workflows for your everyday e-commerce activities.

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Trusted and loved by customers ❤️

Improve the Retail Experience of the Customer

Promote self-service with a knowledge management system

Simplify exchanges, refunds, damages, and discount policies with a multilingual and responsive knowledge base and FAQ system. With a robust self-service portal, customers can check the support center to resolve simple issues, while agents handle critical issues.

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Make Smarter Decisions with Reporting

Collect and process customer feedback

Collecting feedback across channels and processing it is essential for any e-commerce or retail business to thrive. We provide a rounded help desk solution that measures satisfaction with built in surveys for every ticket.

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Open up social media support channels

Elevate the retail experience of your e-commerce store by converting messages from Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp into HappyFox support tickets that your support staff can look into and address from the help desk itself.

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Improve Customer Experience with
our Chat Support Solutions

AI-Powered support with
HappyFox Chatbot

Bring your support game up to speed with our custom-built bot solution built for your retail business that can help you deflect tickets and reduce support volume.

In-app Chat support with
HappyFox Live Chat

Provide real-time, in-app chat support to your retail mobile app customers without them having to leave the app. Integrate and deploy the SDK in minutes.

Speak with a Help Desk Specialist

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