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Policy changes coupled with a fluctuating economy has brought about multiple challenges in providing coordinated healthcare. Managing patients, ensuring continuous and hassle free-medical service, tracking treatment history etc. if done manually can swallow a sizeable chunk of your time and effort.

HappyFox healthcare customer service software is the perfect help desk that can take complete control of all your customer service activities, thereby freeing your staff to go about providing quality medical care. Create tickets for all your activities, track your work and build a heathcare organization with tangible long-term benefits.

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Happyfox health care help desk software

Managing treatment case-coordination between doctors, labs and specialists

When having doctors transfer cases to specialists or in situations where there are multiple specialists handling cases, even a single piece of information being missed could lead to catastrophic consequences. HappyFox customer service software lets you create tickets for all your tasks, so that doctors and specialists can discuss with one another over private notes, track the tickets for status and thus have a seamless flow of operations.

Manage patient case coordination with happyfox help desk software

Managing Patient Registration & Patient Contact Information

Gone are the days when patients sit and fill long application forms. Digitize and simplify patient registration management by letting patients send mails that get stored in the HappyFox system as tickets that you can action on immediately. Bring about a highly efficient application process where you can prioritize applications based on criticality, assign it to appropriate staff for them to handle and also monitor the course of the activity.

manage patient contacts with happyfox help desk
Manage patient doctor communication with HappyFox help desk system

Post-Treatment doctor - patient communication and follow ups

It is important for patients to stay in touch with doctors, regarding post-treatment checkups, medication instructions etc. For such doctor-patient communication`, eliminate the need for patients to visit the hospital premises by allowing them to mail their queries. HappyFox aggregates these queries and automatically assigns it to the concerned specialist/physician so that he can respond to the same, thereby saving a lot of time for both the patient as well as the physician.

Manage hospital community forum with HappyFox

A centralized help desk for all hospital IT / Infrastructure / Facilities

It is no easy task managing all the infrastructure and IT related queries that happen within the hospital. Each issue could be concerning a different team and coordinating among teams can get quite difficult. To tackle such challenges, HappyFox as a centralized hospital service desk, receives issues from all the teams, categorizes them based on who it needs to be resolved by, using the Smart Rules feature, and makes sure it is assigned to the appropriate team for resolution.

Track treatment satisfaction feedbacks

Healthcare industry booming and is one of the fastest growing trades. As a result, hospitals need to adapt to fundamental changes on the fly and constantly improve their services to keep their business thriving. This requires getting patient satisfaction feedback. The HappyFox community forum lets patients and doctors have discussions, share feedback about the treatment and medical services and mention areas of difficulty, if any, so that the hospital management can take them into account and work on the same.

collect patient feedback with happyfox feedback software

Manage knowledge base for doctor contact information, preventive care

Patients need to be aware of when the doctors will be available, the methods of contact and also ways for preventive care in situations where treatment isn’t mandatory. The HappyFox knowledge base management software gives you the opportunity to create articles with all the necessary information, which patients and staff can access easily. This also reduces incoming tickets and paves the way for speedy resolution of issues.

HappyFox healthcare self service knowledgebase system

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