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Leverage the best of support with our feature-packed Help Desk Software for Educational institutions

The operational success of your educational institution often relies on the quality of its internal IT service management and troubleshooting efforts. HappyFox Help Desk can help you deliver great IT support & streamline critical functions like facilities, parent support, and admissions too.

Manage All IT Help Desk Requests

Categorize request and analyze reports for all IT requests
Hardware Hardware
Software Software
Email Email
Printer Printer
Network Network
Cyber Security Cyber Security
Desktop Desktop
Login Login
Chromebook Chromebook
iPad iPad
Audio Visual Audio Visual

Be on top of all Facility Service Requests

Organize facilities tickets to never miss SLAs
Building Building
Grounds Grounds
Cleaning Cleaning
Furniture Furniture
Booking Booking
Electrical Electrical
Room Room
Plumbing Plumbing

Offer Parent Support with a robust Ticketing System

Manage student and parent support and offer self-service
Attendance Attendance
Academics / Curriculum Academics / Curriculum
Bookstore Bookstore

Features for your school’s Help Desk

Self-Service Support Center

Leverage our Self-Service Knowledge base & Support Center

Provide an interface that lets your end-users track their service requests and incidents by creating separate KBs with full customization control for each product or sub-division in your organization.

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Promote self-service through a knowledge base

IT Support Help Desk

Organize all incoming email communication

Convert all incoming emails to your helpdesk IT support email address as HappyFox tickets in a few simple steps. You just have to create an email channel in HappyFox support software, set up a forwarding rule, and verify the channel setup.

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Email Ticketing System

Prioritize and classify your incoming requests efficiently

All incoming tickets to your institute are automatically sorted into queues and categories based on metrics like time sensitivity, status, priority, department, action, and many more.

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Manage application on-boarding and recruitment processes
Speed up responses to most frequently asked questions

Internal Help Desk Software

Leverage a comprehensive help desk solution

Manage internal support for multiple departments like IT, Facilities, Accounting, Academics etc from one integrated Help Desk solution.

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Manage application on-boarding and recruitment processes

Scheduled Tickets

Automate recurring support requests

Save agent time and effort with scheduled ticket management that automates recurrent ticket creation at configured times and days.

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Canned Actions

Speed up responses to most frequently asked questions

Your support staff can achieve great turnaround time on tickets and ensure happier students, parents, and staff with canned actions.

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Speed up responses to most frequently asked questions
Gather insights and analyze support performance

Private Notes

Make internal collaboration easy

Educational institutions require seamless internal collaboration for effective issue resolution and project management. Get your support team on the same page with private notes and agent collision detection.

Explore Private Notes →

Knowledge Base

Promote self-service with knowledge management

With an easy-to-build and multilingual external knowledge base system, your end-users can use the self-service portal to find support articles and FAQs and resolve their issues. Agents can take assistance from the internal knowledge base to be updated on all developments.

Learn more about Knowledge Base →
Unify IT requests from multiple channels and teams


Boost productivity with task management

Simplify steps involved in completing a task with scheduled reminders, task templates, and real time notifications.

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Asset Management

Track and manage hardware and software assets

Your IT infrastructure team can keep track of your institute’s hardware, software, and related tickets with the IT asset management solution integrated with our service desk that simplifies tracking, fixing, and replacing assets.

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Unify IT requests from multiple channels and teams
Simplify internal discussions and collaboration for technicians

Help Desk Automation

Organize and manage IT support with Smart Rules

Simplify IT support by routing tickets to appropriate IT teams and automating repetitive tasks to save time and effort by setting up automation rules to solve complex technical support scenarios.

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Help Desk Reporting

Analyze Internal Support performance

Monitor your internal support performance with insights from Agent Activity reports. Plan resources and collaborate on projects as you get insights into your staff performance with metrics like FCR%, time to closure, and response rates.

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Unify IT requests from multiple channels and teams
Ensure top-level compliance & security

SSO Options

Ensure top-level compliance & security

Secure your data via data encryption with our security features like 2FA and audit logs to decrease the risk of unauthorized access. HappyFox adopts Industry accepted security & privacy frameworks with GDPR, SOC 2 Type II, and CCPA certifications.

Explore our Security Framework →

Mobile App

Better Experience with a Mobile Help Desk

  • Create tickets, reply to tickets, leave private notes, and update ticket fields on the mobile app.
  • Save time and effort by replying to repetitive queries with canned action templates.
  • Get real-time notifications about contacts, accounts, and the tickets you have subscribed to directly on your mobile device.
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Trusted and loved by customers ❤️

Connect with apps to make your implementation a huge success.

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Make Customer service Simpler, Easier and more Effective with Integrations

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