Help desk software for non-profit organizations

Reduce operational cost and invest it into your non-profit goodwill efforts

NGOs are constantly facing competing priorities, networking and communication challenges with limited capacity to do tasks.

Let your team deliver great service, while the HappyFox help desk software organizes incoming requests, manages and automates the repetitive tasks in your non-profit organization.

Helpdesk for NGO
customer support software for non profits

Managing Support Requests

When executing multiple initiatives, effectiveness is paramount. For effectiveness, it requires participation from people. More people means handling more requests, answering more queries etc. To manage this, the HappyFox help desk software provides simple solutions that make handling customer support a highly optimized process

manage volunteer and donor communication with HappyFox help desk

Coordination with volunteers, donors and vendors

To create the right stimulus among donors and sponsors requires transparency in the work, which in turn has to be communicated clearly. HappyFox helps manage volunteer and donor communication and manage contacts of vendors, thus building a thriving relationship between the organization and the volunteers, donors and sponsors.

Access to information regarding tax exemption, partnerships etc.

Legal and regulatory clarifications are required before donors/sponsors make contributions. The HappyFox knowledge base software helps maintain an FAQ and self-service system, so all the financial and legal queries that sponsors may have are answered in the FAQs and in the knowledge base articles.

self service knowledge base software for non profit and NGO
mobile help desk for non profits and NGO

Internal communication and collaboration

With ground staff, volunteers on the move and financiers from various places, inter-departmental collaboration can become a potential challenge and can even disrupt the course of work. To eliminate such challenges, HappyFox allows teams to create tickets for other teams to track information and follow up on, so that the communication gap does not exist within the system.

Managing recruits and interns

Scaling and structural growth involves recruitment. Tracking down applications and scheduling and meeting with applicants could be quite an ordeal if not managed well. The HappyFox help desk manages all your contacts, helps follow up on applications by converting mails into easily accessible tickets and sending timely reminders for them.

manage new recruits and interns on boarding
Non-Profit organisation can now manage marketing campaigns using happy fox help desk

Managing campaigns and projects

'How can we contribute to this campaign? Do you have any new projects coming up?' Questions are aplenty from customers and delayed responses might make you lose a valuable donor/sponsor. Let customers get all these details via the HappyFox knowledge base, and raise tickets for queries not addressed in them, thus making your work a lot easier.

community forum software for non profit and NGO

Co-ordinating fundraising ideas efforts

Customers and donors will have ideas too. With the HappyFox forum, generate mutual discussions between your staff and sponsors to gather ideas, make announcements, manage marketing and have a successful fundraising program with minimal hassles.

Monthly plans start from $29 a month

Help desk Integration

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