Boost Engagement with a Help Desk
for your Non-Profit Organization

  • Encourage efficient communication
  • Improve fundraising support operations
  • Boost volunteer engagement

Maximize the Impact of your work with a comprehensive help desk

Nonprofit organizations often find it difficult to balance their goodwill efforts, communication challenges, asset management, competing priorities, and operational costs. Adopt a non-profit help desk to carry out organized and effective fundraising and give your volunteers, beneficiaries, and donors a fulfilling and comprehensive user experience.

Boost Efficiency With Easy Project Management

Manage requests with a streamlined support process

As an organization grows, it handles more people, queries, and issues. HappyFox gives you a solution that optimizes your customer support workflow. Keep track of incoming queries, organize them into queues, prioritize tasks, record time-off, and send reminders to your support team via email or SMS.

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Make Smarter Decisions with Reporting

Analyze performance & make data-driven decisions

Plan, allocate resources, and collaborate on projects as you get real-time insights into your operations and performance with drill-down analytics and dashboards. Analyze ticket volume and use business intelligence for better organizational decision-making.

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Make Smarter Decisions with Reporting

Multi-Channel Help Desk

Omnichannel help desk to centralize communications

Leverage email integration to centralize all conversations from various channels like email, social media, SMS, and phone in one task management system. Employees, clients, and donors of your NGO will have a unified ticketing system to raise and solve support tickets.

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Unify support across departments

Streamline Your Customer Support Workflow

Use intelligent automation to automate repetitive tasks

HappyFox Smart Rules can help you categorize tickets with tags, route them to appropriate agents, and eliminate SLA breaches. This saves your support and IT teams time and effort, letting them focus on other important things.

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Make Smarter Decisions with Reporting

Simplify internal collaboration to boost productivity

Internal collaboration on a help desk solution doesn't need to be a challenge. Your support staff can use Private Notes to simplify discussions, share input, and facilitate ticket transfer. Agents can also subscribe to tickets to always be informed.

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Make Smarter Decisions with Reporting

Use handy canned actions to speed up tasks

The value of quick responses to service requests increases when your cause is important. Use predefined or canned replies to enable fast responses to donor queries and let your agents maintain consistency and provide better support.

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Make Smarter Decisions with Reporting
Take Advantage of Special Pricing

In recognition of your efforts, HappyFox offers special discounts on the pricing of our Help Desk for your NGO. Contact us for more details.

Empower Your Stakeholders to Be More Involved

Encourage self-service amongst your volunteers and donors

Address legal doubts, regulatory queries, and other FAQs about partnerships or tax exemptions that your donors may have with a self-service portal that is multilingual and available as a mobile app. A knowledge base software will eliminate repetitive tickets and save your end-users time and effort.

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Make Smarter Decisions with Reporting

Effectively hire & manage staff and interns

Propel your structural growth with help desk functionalities like contact management, ticket organization, and converting emails into easily accessible tickets that let you track and monitor applications and schedule interviews with ease.

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Make Smarter Decisions with Reporting

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