IT Help desk software.
No more IT support hassles for your organization.

HappyFox is a simple IT ticketing system to manage your IT issues.
Create tickets, assign them and resolve them on time.

HappyFox IT help desk software and ticketing system for your IT team

Your IT Help desk or IT Service Desk is the single point of contact for your users to request for IT services. Whether the users are within your organization or from outside, a Service Desk software will help sort, categorize and manage all these issues from one single intuitive interface.

Assigning tickets to the appropriate users and departments helped funnel an otherwise unwieldy ticket pile.

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A complete Issue Tracking Software for ITEmployees reach out to seek IT support via various channels like email and phone. With HappyFox IT Service Desk, you can convert all these mails and calls into tickets that will stay categorized in your help desk system for your IT support staff to address and resolve periodically. Bug Tracking made easyUsers constantly report bugs they find while using software products. HappyFox is also a useful Bug tracking software that lets you create tickets for all bugs reported. It helps your IT support team liaise with your development team to fix them. With the added advantage of having the Jira integration for HappyFox, you can link HappyFox tickets and JIRA tasks to make bug tracking and fixing an easier process.
Internal IT Help deskApart from being a help desk for IT services to your consumers, you can also use HappyFox as an internal help desk for your employees. Whatever IT related issues your employees will have ranging from a defunct mailbox to a software bug, you can track as tickets in HappyFox and address them with the help of your support staff. Knowledge Base and FAQ systemFor standard or repetitive service requests, you can create a detailed article in the knowledge base provided by HappyFox self service portal, so that your employees or help desk staff can directly access these articles and gather resolutions for their issues. This reduces your incoming ticket count as well as the overall support cost. By providing speedy resolutions for issues without the help of a support staff, you strengthen client relationships as well.

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Track Incidents betterHappyFox tickets can be grouped into different categories like Incidents, problems or service requests. Based on the status and criticality of a ticket, you can assign it to the appropriate staff for them to address the issue. It is easy to customize your service desk to the needs of your business processes, using custom fields and statuses. You can even relate or merge tickets together to make your job of raising problem tickets easier.
Improve your IT Customer supportWith the help of help desk reports, you can track the performance of your support staff and improve the efficiency. You can even measure the amount of tickets coming in, both internally and externally, see the problem areas that are causing discomfort to your customer/staff and immediately do the needful to eliminate these problem areas.
IT Support that can never get simpler.
Remove the need for manual tracking of support mails
Remove the need for manual tracking of support mails
Increase support productivity with a clean interface
Increase support productivity with a
clean interface
Encourage self-service and build relationships with customers
Encourage self-service and build relationships with customers
Identify problem areas and reduce ticket flow
Identify problem areas and reduce
ticket flow