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Hiring, rating, rewards, accountability, payroll - Human Capital Management has a whole range of tasks that require immaculate communication between the company and its employees. Any glitch in these tasks, and the employees will want to reach out to you for clarifications.

The HappyFox HR help desk software helps in the smooth-running of these tasks by organizing and categorizing queries from your employees, to make the work of your HR team a lot simpler.

Humar Resources Sectors
Process job application using Happyfox Help Desk

Process Job Applications

HappyFox is the perfect solution for tracking applicants and managing recruitment, as you can allow all the applicants' emails to be logged in as tickets for your HR team to look into and schedule interviews accordingly.

HR knowledgebase and Self service software

HR Policies and procedures

HappyFox provides a detailed knowledge base for you to store all your HR policies and procedures to ensure your personnel always have quick access to information without having to reach out to your HRM department.

Payroll, expense and internal communications

Global payroll is a highly focal point as it has a long history of being a decentralized operation with communication gaps, redundancy and delays. Change that mindset by bringing HappyFox to manage your payroll issues, keep track of delays and always be on top of employee support.

Manage HR communication with a centralized help desk
 Manage employee referral using happyfox help desk software

Manage Referrals

Referrals are an essential source for contributing to skilled labor, and assigning a separate team for referral management can be an expensive and time-consuming exercise. Now, let referral mails be stored as HappyFox tickets that your team can respond to, thus reducing a lot of time and expenses.

Manage human resource in a centralized help desk
collect employee satisfaction survey using HappyFox feedback system

Employee feedback/survey

Effectiveness is only driven by feedback. Gathering feedback from employees can be done by allowing them to discuss issues on your HappyFox forum. Other direct feedbacks via mail can be converted to tickets for your team to action on them.

collect employee feedback using happyfox help desk software

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Help desk Integration

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