Prioritize & Organize
Human Resources Operations

Create an impression with your hiring process

Unify the recruitment process with
application tracking features

HappyFox Help Desk logs all applicant email tickets to ease up your application tracking and recruitment efforts. Your HR team can now access all applicant information and schedule interviews in one unified destination.

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Flexible software application

Streamline employee onboarding and
role changes

An efficient onboarding process has a huge influence on your employees’ perception of the company. Streamline your HR operations like onboarding, role changes, and off-boarding. Your HR team can rely on our Smart Rules features to save time & effort.

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Organize administrative tasks for HR teams

Set up a knowledge base for HR policies
and procedures

Empower your employees and free up some time for your HR team by providing a self-service solution that stores your HR policies and procedures. HappyFox’s knowledge base software gives employees access to relevant and well-organized information and lets them resolve issues without reaching out to the HRM team.

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Encourage self-service with the FAQ & knowledge base system
Use automation to speed up tasks and improve productivity

Manage payroll, expenses, and internal
communications with ease

Managing payroll, expenses, and internal communications is often time-consuming to handle for HR teams due to communication gaps, redundancy, and delays. Stay on top of employee support through features like Smart Rules, task management, and ticket auto-assignment.

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Handle all referrals in one place

Referrals are an essential source of contributions to skilled labor. However, assigning a separate team for referral management can be expensive and time-consuming. HappyFox helps you store referral emails on your help desk for your team to respond to, saving time and expenses.

Encourage self-service with the FAQ & knowledge base system

Automate HR Support with Assist AI for Slack & Teams

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Improve your operations with surveys & analytics

Drive efficiency with feedback & surveys

Effectiveness is driven by actionable feedback. Gather feedback from employees and allow them to discuss and solve issues on your HappyFox forum. Feedback shared by email or other platforms can be converted to tickets for your HR team.

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Use reporting to analyze employee
satisfaction and performance

Pinpoint opportunities to make improvements and provide better employee support through HappyFox’s reporting feature. Measure employee satisfaction related to HR support and analyze trends.

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