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Integrate Your Help Desk with Slack
using HappyFox

Integrate HappyFox with Slack and get instant ticket notifications. Create, reply and update your tickets from within Slack. Search your knowledge base without leaving Slack.

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Create, respond and modify tickets

Take action on a ticket from within Slack. Create a new ticket using the new /happyfox new_ticket [message] slash command or you can reply and leave a note using the built-in interface without leaving Slack.

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Search Knowledge base articles

Now all your knowledge base articles are right at your finger tips within Slack. You can use the new slash command /happyfox search_kb [keyword] to search and get knowledge base articles from within Slack.

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Get Instant
Ticket Notifications

With Slack Integration for HappyFox, you can setup instant notifications for any ticket events. You can also use Smart Rules to setup complex conditional rules for ticket notifications.

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App Integration

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