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Provide awesome customer service and differentiate your business from the competition

Managing a small business successfully with competing priorities, budget constraints and a small workforce is always a daunting task. Being a small business ourselves, we understand your need for simplifying and automating

your business processes, especially something as important as providing above-par customer service which is so crucial for your business to thrive.

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HappyFox is here to liberate you from the clutters and confusions of handling customer service for a small business with its easy to use and simple help desk software solution.

How is small business help desk software different?

A small business help desk software essentially understands the needs, requirements, and constraints specific to small businesses and helps them solve these problems.

HappyFox Help Desk is designed with small businesses in mind. You can centralize all your tickets, assign it to the right team members and save time with easy to setup automation feature. Easy to set up and easy on your wallet.

provide support across geographies using happy fox multilingual knowledge base

Small Business Challenges

Running a small business is always a challenge especially when opportunities come with process constraints. In your endeavor to provide the best customer service, here are some of the pain points you might be facing:

Outlook or Gmail doesn’t solve your problem

Existing help desk software has a bloated feature list

Fixed pricing plans don’t suit your needs and budgets

Support agent training causing overheads

Intimidated technical-know-how needed to set up an On-Premise system.

Inadequate integration support with other small business applications

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HappyFox Help Desk caters to Small Business Needs

Every single customer expects your undivided attention and care. Therefore, we have duly addressed the common pain points by building features that suit the needs and aspirations of a small business.

Omnichannel Customer Support HappyFox is your Omnichannel Customer Support Software that goes one step ahead in helping you provide support from multiple channels like Email, live chat, and voice.

Help Desk Integrations HappyFox works together with other small business applications like CRM, business accounting systems, feedback survey tools, and project management software to eliminate the need to toggle between various applications.

Flexible software application Right from its foundations, HappyFox Help Desk is built to be flexible especially when it comes to its utilization. HappyFox is not just your help desk software, its intuitive features allow it to don the role of:

  • Issue and bug tracking system
  • Trouble ticket tracking
  • Simple project and task management

Support Analytics Business intelligence and process analytics have become so crucial especially for small businesses when a small tweak in the process based on data might do wonders for you. HappyFox help desk analytics provides you with key support metrics that not only helps you to gauge your service quality but also helps you make decisions to optimize your support process for better.

FAQ and Knowledge base System HappyFox provides you with an FAQ system that helps your support team to easily build and maintain a complete knowledge base management repository for all the frequently asked questions. The FAQ system also provides self-service for your customers so that they need to contact the support team for doubts and queries is eliminated which consequently reduces the number of support tickets and effort.

Customer Service Automation The one thing that a small business with a limited workforce needs to eliminate is the incessant human requirement for trivial and repetitive tasks which in the long term take a heavy toll on both the energy and time of your team. HappyFox's help desk automation features like Smart Rules, email notification settings, and automatic round-robin smart ticket assignment helps you to be more productive and to be on top of your support process all the time.

The Advantage of Social Media Support With the Facebook integration for HappyFox, you can now give your small business the added benefits of being able to support customers right off their favorite social networking portal. Have all private messages converted to HappyFox tickets and have all ticket responses sent to the customer as Facebook messages.

Small Business Customer Service Made Simple

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