Small Business Customer Service
Made Simple

  • Manage budget & competing priorities
  • Simplify & automate your business
  • Streamline your support process
“We greatly appreciate both the friendly attention given to us by the support team at HappyFox, as well as the turnaround time related to our support outreach and needs.”
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Joseph Feola Vice President, Support Operations


Omnichannel Help Desk

Track, prioritize & follow-up on
requests from multiple channels

Don’t let your customer queries slip through. Convert email, phone, live chat, chatbots, social media, and web requests into actionable tickets and keep them organized in HappyFox’s omnichannel support ticket system.

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Track, prioritize & follow-up on requests from multiple channels

Talk to Your Next Customer on HappyFox Chat

Our Starter plan includes unlimited agents and 500 chats per month.

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Measure & Analyze Customer Support Metrics

Business Intelligence & Process Analytics

Measure & Analyze Customer Support Metrics

For your small business, a small data-driven tweak in the business process can lead to huge improvements.

Our help desk analytics tool provides you with real-time reports with key support metrics that can not only help you gauge your service quality but also make decisions that will help you optimize your support process.

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Self-Service Tools

Encourage self-service with the
FAQ & knowledge base system

Enable ticket deflection by letting your customers help themselves with an easy-to-build FAQ and knowledge base system. Employ our self-service solutions to equip your staff with an internal KB that ensures rapid training and shares knowledge seamlessly. You can build your own branded and SEO-optimized self-service portal via our no-code support portal builder, saving you time and effort.

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Encourage self-service with the FAQ & knowledge base system
Use automation to speed up tasks and improve productivity

Automation and Smart Rules

Use automation to speed up
tasks and improve productivity

Free your limited workforce from trivial and repetitive tasks and increase productivity with HappyFox’s powerful automation suite. Save time, reduce monotony, and improve turnaround by automating routine tasks, escalations, and ticket reassignment for SLAs through Smart Rules, email notification settings, and intelligent routing algorithms.

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Bring your support game upto speed
with HappyFox Chatbot

Talk to our product specialists. Get a one-on-one demo, tailored to your business needs.

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Help Desk Integrations

SaaS and Social Media

HappyFox works with other small business applications like CRM, business accounting systems, feedback survey tools, and project management software to eliminate the need to toggle between various applications.

We can bring messages from Facebook and Twitter to the help desk. They are converted to tickets, and all ticket responses are sent to customers as messages on the respective platforms.

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Flexible software application

Powerful yet Simple

Customize to your unique needs

Since its inception, HappyFox Help Desk has been built to be flexible, especially when it comes to its utilization. In addition to the expected customization features, HappyFox performs many other functions.

  • Issue and bug tracking system
  • Trouble ticket tracking
  • Simple project and task management
Speak with a Help Desk Specialist

Talk to a Help Desk Specialist. Get a one-on-one demo, that’s quick and focused on your business needs.