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Integrate Salesforce with HappyFox

Salesforce CRM are the leaders in cloud computing systems for customer relationship management and sales.

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Push Ticket information from HappyFox to Salesforce

This integration can also push ticket information as a Salesforce CRM case against the contact information.

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View Salesforce Information Inside HappyFox

This integration displays the information from Salesforce for matching HappyFox contact, in the ticket creation and details pages.

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Create a new Salesforce Lead from HappyFox

Push any potential customer in your help desk system as a Salesforce Lead! HappyFox allows you to create Salesforce CRM leads from within your ticket details page.

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Support for Standard & Custom Objects

HappyFox supports Standard Salesforce objects such as Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts, Leads, etc. as well as any custom objects that you choose.

Customize Fields of any Objects

Customize the visibility of individual fields present inside each of the Salesforce objects.

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HappyFox Plugin for Salesforce

With the HappyFox plugin for Salesforce tickets from HappyFox are pulled and displayed in Contact, Lead and Account detail pages.


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