Salesforce CRM Integration -
Enterprise CRM meets help desk support

Salesforce CRM are the leaders in cloud computing systems for customer relationship management and sales.

Salesforce CRM Integration - Enterprise CRM meets help desk support
CRM Integration
HappyFox is help desk software solution with an inbuilt support ticket system that simplifies customer support

Looking for a complete help desk that also brings in the benefits of a feature rich CRM?

The powerful HappyFox - Salesforce CRM integration is here to help.

  • Dynamic two-way flow of customer information from Salesforce to HappyFox
  • View Salesforce customer information on HappyFox ticket
  • Get all tickets of a customer logged as cases in Salesforce
  • Bridge the gap between sales and support teams
  • Provide a personalized customer experience

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Why Salesforce

Being the world's pioneers in CRM service, Salesforce integration with HappyFox is the perfect solution for delivering great customer experiences.

salesforce crm HappyFox help desk integration
  • Your sales agents can now see issues that are bothering their leads and what their status is, from within Salesforce. This way, sales agents can show that they care to close out problems theirs leads face.
  • Prioritize tickets based on the customer by viewing complete customer information from Salesforce on your HappyFox ticket

Experience the combined strength of the world's best CRM and the perfect help desk software, and make your work easier.

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