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Marketing is one of the most challenging tasks of any organization.
This Study on Marketing challenges outlines the challenges faced by the marketers. Quantifying marketing results is a difficult task. A marketer has to stay on top of all marketing activities and be in sync with other teams within the organization, to be able to gather the best results.

Assigning tickets to the appropriate users and departments helped funnel an otherwise unwieldy ticket pile.

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HappyFox help desk lets you have complete control over your marketing activities by creating tickets for all cross functional tasks. Further, it lets you track all communication across organizational boundaries so that you never miss out on reading or replying to any important mail.

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Category ManagementSplit all your marketing tasks into relevant categories like advertising, email marketing, customer feedback etc and then distribute the tickets under the specific categories. You no longer have to keep lengthy Excel sheets to manage work, neither would you have to wonder where to go searching for tickets. Simplify work and increase marketing efficiency. Simple Staff interfaceAll your marketing staff will be able to view tickets in their queue, assign status accordingly based on the current status of the task and also update the log with their progress. The team can keep their activities transparent and have a complete overview of various tasks without having to ever step away from their desk. Feedback managementThe Marketing team has a vital responsibility of gathering the customer feedback and implementing them into the company’s growth. HappyFox lets you bring in feedback from all the customers into one common help desk system, which you can process and evaluate and then take the necessary measures to implement the same. Automate tasksHappyFox is the advanced automated help desk that lets you automatically assign tickets on a round robin system and also automate replies to emails. You do not have to engage the team in repetitive tasks and let HappyFox marketing help desk take over your repetitive work.
Customer Contact ManagementThe marketing team has to be in constant touch with third party vendors, PR agents, advertisers etc. HappyFox help desk has a robust contact management feature that lets you store all your contacts in one place, easily refer to them when necessary and never have to worry about missing a critical customer contact again. Marketing Management
made easy
The marketing team has a core responsibility of communicating value. This has to be supported by a centralized system that can track all communication activities within and outside of your company. HappyFox marketing management help desk lets you store all your activities in the form of tickets that you can assign to your employees and track progress, all from one simple intuitive interface.
Marketing management has never been easier.
Save time by centralizing work
Save time by centralizing work
Improve operations by gathering feedback
Improve operations by gathering feedback
Reduce cost by distributing and <br />automating work
Reduce cost by distributing and automating work

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