The perfect help desk software for the Government organizations

Respond to people’s queries and build reliability, transparency and accountability

Development of transparent processes, prompt communication with the people and effective management of stakeholders is important for a government organization to achieve a thriving service delivery model.

The HappyFox help desk helps provide the perfect customer service in the public sector by creating tickets for queries from people, manages contacts to keep track of stakeholders and also brings about useful integrations with other apps for achieving efficiency in various areas like finance, human resources and policy making.

Government Sectors
centralised help desk software for citizens to communicate with the government

Centralized contact center for stakeholders, constituents and citizens

A public sector organization will have to provide great customer service, handle petitions and complaints from citizens, have a constant connect with other organizations and also provide effective communication to different levels of administration within the country. HappyFox help desk acts as a holistic government contact center to provide responses to queries, have mails from other organizations stored as priority tickets and uses forums to communicate with other administrations in a hassle free manner.

Manage people community forums with HappyFox help desk software

Collecting Feedback

Volumes of activity, complexity in products and services and most importantly protection of the rights of citizens make it very difficult for the organization to continuously deliver excellence. Therefore, feedback from the citizens is required for growth. HappyFox manages customer feedback, lets citizens discuss issues on the forum and thus creates a strong feedback management system.

Manage internal communication in public sector organisation with HappyFox help desk

Inter-departmental communication

Public sector companies have a plethora of services, distributed across multiple teams. HappyFox help desk software lets you stay on top of requests from multiple departments, route it to the concerned teams to receive prompt support, to make sure no activities are stalled. By prioritizing tasks and tickets, your company can use the HappyFox help desk for collaborating well within teams inside the organization.

Managing a rapid response system during emergencies

During times of crisis, both people and staff demand immediate and efficient support. HappyFox acts as an Emergency rapid response system to address all the queries, organize them based on criticality and respond well in time to minimize the impact of the emergency situation.

Manage rapid response system with HappyFox help desk software
manage public sector human resource process with HappyFox help desk

Managing recruitment and HR services

Government has to elaborately explain their requirements for personnel and also accumulate all the relevant applications before screening them for recruitment. HappyFox eliminates the need for staff to track such applications by creating tickets for all the application related mails and categorizing them for your attention.

Global Information Management System

There is a growing need to educate citizens on the government’s strategic initiatives and plans to make sure people are informed of the government’s services for their benefit. Further, the methods to go about applying for grants, licenses etc also has to be explained clearly. The HappyFox knowledge base management system can store detailed articles that explain these methods, so that citizens are never in the dark about the process.

Thus, with the HappyFox help desk managing your support, your public sector organization can provide complete customer service, function independently in a robust and cost-effective manner and administer quality services to the people of the nation.

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