Live Chat Apps

Chat at your comfort with HappyFox live chat applications for mobile, desktop and web.

Desktop apps

HappyFox Live chat tool offers a desktop application for the agent console to enhance your chat service experience. Desktop apps for Mac and Windows offer a smooth interface and are packed full of features to take your customer service to the next level.

The apps start automatically when you turn on and run quietly in the background. Show notifications whenever you get a new message. No juggling between browser tabs required.

Automate your Customer Service with HappyFox Chatbot
Automate your Customer Service with HappyFox Chatbot

Mobile apps

Chatting with customers need not always be a tedious desk job. HappyFox Chat mobile apps are designed to provide a smooth UI experience to your agents. Attend multiple chats with ease, view queued chats, transfer chats, and view dashboards all within the mobile app.

Respond to customers from anywhere with HappyFox Chat iOS and Android apps. Support customers on the move. Here you go Apple & Google fanboys! Install our HappyFox Chat on your mobile today. Your chat agents will love it.

Web App

With a smooth backend interface, lightweight and customizable chat widget, HappyFox Chat works like a charm on your website. Live Chat can be an affordable and fastest way to attract website visitors, improve customer support and increase sales.

Automatically sync and access customer data from other business applications right within the chat window. Integrate all popular CRM software, analytics tools, e-commerce platforms, help desk, social media sites, etc. and fetch crucial data that would help you provide outstanding customer support.

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Web App

Best Live Chat Software For Your Business

Provide real-time, live chat support to your customers from anywhere.

Multiple Chats, At Your Fingertips

Agents can easily multi-task by handling chats parallely with one touch. Let device not be a hurdle to speedy service.

Get insights into your performance

Draw insights on customer satisfaction, lead generation and agent activity with our beautifully designed chat dashboards.

Get web app like functionality across all apps

Our desktop and mobile apps are designed to incorporate web app chat features so you never have a feel that something is missing. Have great chat sessions with customers without any hindrance and get positive feedback always.

Work at your convenience

Your customer support team can work with HappyFox Chat with a unified experience across mobile apps and web. Get the conversation going from where you left off, be it from the phone or your machine.

Talk to Your Next Customer on HappyFox Chat

Our Starter plan includes unlimited agents and 500 chats per month.

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