Live Chat Customer Satisfaction Rating

Measure Customer Happiness and Support Quality

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Keep Your Eyes on the Stars

Rating and Feedback

Encourage visitors to rate your support and give feedback immediately after the conversation ends.

A frequent, targeted and timely feedback channel that helps your team to continuously improve and stay motivated.

Live chat canned response

Delve into Details

Track quality ratings for all live chat conversations.
Gain a deeper insight into your support performance and on the customer’s perceived experience.

Create canned responses for all the commonly asked questions

Customer Happiness: Your North Star Metric

Measure to Improve

Let satisfaction rating be your guiding beacon in improving the overall support quality. Make data driven decisions and build a team of rising stars.

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Keep Your Team Focussed

Assess agent performance in the light of delivering happiness to customers. Learn, review and get better at support with every chat!.

Access canned responses with shortcodes

A Framework to Support Customers Better

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