Know Who Your E-Commerce Customers Are

Bring the hidden data from your storefront

HappyFox Chat seamlessly brings in Magento e-commerce data like cart info, order details and past chats right when you are engaging with your customer. Uncover customer needs, offer better recommendations & solve customer issues faster.

  • Magento live chat integration
  • Magento customer data
  • Order details from magento
  • Multiple Chats
  • Customization
  • Pro-active Chat

Effortlessly Simple Support Interface

HappyFox Chat is designed to improve support efficiency and agent productivity. With Multi-Chat feature and Magento integration you can now support multiple customers with all their e-commerce data. No more hassles of shifting between tabs and apps.

Unique live chat interface

Maintain Brand Consistency

HappyFox Chat fits seamlessly and takes a minimal presence on your website. By controlling colors, position of the chat window and greeting messages the consistency in the look and feel of your brand will always be maintained.

Customize your chat plugin

Data helps uncover unknowns: Improved confidence when helping customers

No more scripted sales pitch. With access to crucial customer information that is highly focussed and contextual you can now personalize and tailor your solutions & recommendations.

Real time proactive live chat engagement

Personalize Online Shopping

Leverage customer data to make shopping experiences more relevant.

Improve e-commerce ROI

  • Increase average order value.
  • Reduce cart abandonment rate.
  • Increase conversion rate.
  • Accelerate sales cycle.

Boost customer happiness

  • Personalize product recommendation.
  • Improve resolution time.
  • Agent rating.

Boost support productivity

  • Multiple chats.
  • Build collaborative teams.
  • Canned Responses.

Personalized store experience

  • Monitor visitors in real time.
  • Targeted marketing.
  • Purchase behavior insights.

Native live chat applications

Don’t keep your customers waiting. With native applications for iOS, Mac & Windows, empower your team to support your customers where ever they go.

Live chat app for mac, iPhone and android

Foster an atmosphere of trust & accelerate sales cycles with higher win rates

Best Live Chat Plugin for Magento stores.