Triggered Chat

Invite website visitors to chat, offer help, prompt deals and convert visitors into customers, faster.

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Ultimately our goal is to have four things: happier customers, more chats, more conversions, and more leads. With HappyFox Chat, we are able to reach all four.

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  • Alex Pritchett

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Driven to Delight

Focussed & actionable engagement - helps deliver memorable moments and nurture leads to customers.

Rich human experience

Trigger on Conditions

Proactively set conditions to trigger chats.

Define rules based on - specific pages on the website, time spent on the page and also on new/repeat visitors.

Add Triggered Chat

Custom Messages

Tailor trigger messages that are highly targeted and contextually relevant.

Automatically route chats that are triggered to specific departments. For instance, set all the triggered chats from pricing page to be routed to your sales team.

Triggered Chat Custom Message

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