Chat Routing & Queueing

Handle high chat volumes smarter & faster.

Reduce customer wait times & distribute support load evenly across your team.

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Broadcast Chats: All Hands Support

Broadcast and notify incoming chats to all available agents.


Auto Assign Chats: To Scale, You Need Focus

Handle high volume chats with less chaos by automatically serving chats to agents. Smart load balancing helps distribute chats evenly across the team.


Throttle to Improve Performance

Limit maximum chats an agent can handle simultaneously. Control throttle limit depending on the work load.


Queueing & Smart Assignment

Chats are queued when all available agents are supporting at their maximum concurrent chat capacity.

Chats are automatically served from the queue when an agent is available to accept chats.


Keep Visitors Posted

Notify customers of their waiting status with a customizable queue message.


Re-Assign Chats : Seamless & Smart

Automatically re-assign chat if an agent does not accept chat within the set time limit.


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