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Salesforce Live Chat Integration

Sync leads and contacts in real-time between live chat and Salesforce

How it Works?

Sync leads and contacts automatically

Never let a prospect slip through your fingers. Record every visitor who has engaged with you on live chat as either a Lead or Contact in Salesforce CRM.

Sync leads and contacts
Post chat transcripts

View data from Salesforce in your chat window

View Contact/Lead details from Salesforce CRM right when you are chatting with a customer. No more switching between applications. Provide better customer support with contextual data.

Post chat transcripts as Salesforce objects

Record and view all live chat transcripts as Activities/Cases/Notes against each lead alongside phone calls, meetings, and other sales activities. Ask better questions, identify needs, remove barriers, and close deals faster.

Post chat transcripts

Keep your Salesforce data clean

Choose how to handle duplicate leads and eliminate noise by allowing your live agents to create a lead or contact only for relevant queries.

Post chat transcripts
Post chat transcripts

Measure ROI by tracking UTM parameters

Track the performance of your marketing campaigns by automatically syncing UTM parameters to Salesforce fields. Attribute your conversions to the right campaign and double down on those channels.

Integrate with Chatbot and Workflows

Use HappyFox Chatbot to qualify and generate leads 24x7 and build complex lead creation workflows without any code using HappyFox Workflows for Salesforce.

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