It takes just 5 mins to get the hang of it, but once you do, you won't want to live without it. The admin aspect is incredibly basic, and doesn't bog you down. The paid version is well worth the price. We couldn't be happier.

  • Eric Matthew Davis

    Fit Tea

Unleash the Power of Data That Is Locked Up

HappyFox Chat helps bring the most focused and highly relevant data to every chat. Access to cart info, order details and past chats in real time helps you to surprise customers by sending personalized messages, promotions and relevant product information.

  • Shopify store information on your live chat
  • Get Shopify order details on Happyfox Chat
  • Live chat shopify integration

Get your live chat app in less than 20 Sec.

All it takes is a Click! No-Coding Required.

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24/7 support & fully updated documentation

  • Multiple Chats
  • Customization
  • Pro-active Chat

Unique Interface Designed to maximize efficiency.

The multi window-concurrent chat feature enables you to engage with multiple customers at the same time. With hassle-free access to customer data, never have the feeling of multi-tasking.

Unique live chat interface

Style your chat plugin - Reinforce Brand Identity.

Customize the look and feel of your chat widget to blend with your shopify store’s theme. Look unobtrusive by controlling colors, widget position and get more personal by adding agent profile picture and custom greetings.

Customize your chat plugin

Leverage Data to deliver a Personalized store experience.

Watch your customers in real time as they browse your store. With contextual data like order, shopping cart details and history of chats, Proactively jump in and help them through their purchase.

Real time proactive live chat engagement

Humanize Online Shopping

Transform the way you support customers with low-hassle, contextual & interactive data.

Maximize e-Commerce Revenue

  • Reduce bounce rate.
  • Improve cart size & order value.
  • Reduce cart abandonment rate.
  • Improve conversion rate.

Customer satisfaction

  • Give smart recommendations.
  • Improve first response time.
  • Increase transparency.


  • Support multiple customers.
  • Team collaboration.
  • Canned Responses.

Personalized experience

  • Real time traffic monitoring.
  • Shopping cart, order details & past chats.
  • Educate, recommend & reward loyalty.

The design, interface and speed are incredible. It looks good on the site and the Mac app is a handy tool, separate from your browser. And we agree, it integrates with your Shopify data so you can actually see where your customer is, what page they're on and what they currently have in their cart.

  • Karl Backhouse


It really is the very best chat app I've tried. By simply collecting an email to start the chat, they can tell you what the customer has in their existing cart, their order history, their chat history, and more. This is such an obvious and useful feature, it's surprising I couldn't find it anywhere else.

  • John Fowler


Native Applications : Around the clock support

Why should customer support be a desk job? HappyFox Chat is available on iOS, Mac and Windows. Give your team the freedom to support customers on the go, every where and at any time.

Live chat app for mac, iPhone and android

Online shopping should be a rich human experience.

Best Live Chat Plugin for Shopify stores.

Anticipate, get more personal, focus and be relevant, always.