Live Chat for HR Teams

Get smart hires for your company faster. Interact with potential candidates in real-time and answer their queries instantly.

Invite Applications

Grab the attention of the candidates by delivering proactive messages. Get them to apply for any job vacancy on your website right from the chat window.

Automate your Customer Service with HappyFox Chatbot

Gather Candidate Information

Lengthy job application forms can be intimidating for candidates leading to late submissions.

With live chat pre-chat form, gather interested candidate information, and profile them easily. Allow candidates to leave a message even during off hours.

Transform the Way You Recruit Candidates

Make robust hiring decisions with live chat. Create excitement and curiosity amongst the potential candidates and proactively reach out to them to apply

HappyFox Chat brings candidates one step closer to apply at your company and HR team one step closer to recruitment.

Automate your Customer Service with HappyFox Chatbot

Qualify Candidates

Human Resources Team can chat with candidates and profile them even before proceeding with a full-blown interview process.

Automate your Customer Service with HappyFox Chatbot

Reduce the Clutter. Get Quality Applicants

With the vast inflow of applications from the company website and various job portals, it is difficult for the HR department to find candidates that can prove to be game-changers for the organization.

Candidates are also confused with job descriptions and apply for roles that may not be a perfect fit. Having a low-barrier communication tool like live chat can help candidates ask quick, qualifying questions about a position before applying. That means less wasted time for job-seekers and less irrelevant applications for you.

Profile Candidates Faster

How easy would it be for HR Managers to get the interested candidates' contact details and get their Linkedin Profile information as they start chatting?

Candidates can avoid the hassles of filling lengthy application forms, and recruiters can quickly profile the candidate, thereby reducing time to hunt for candidates on job portals.

Automate your Customer Service with HappyFox Chatbot
Automate your Customer Service with HappyFox Chatbot

Assist Candidates with Interview Tasks

Live chat solution helps you speed up the remote technical interview process. Candidates feel at ease to quickly discuss their doubts on chat and complete their tasks on time.

HappyFox Chat also provides screen share options for addressing complex queries of the candidates.

Provide Speedy Assistance

Connect candidates to the right team member, answer FAQs and help candidates advance to the application process and interview rounds faster.

Automate your Customer Service with HappyFox Chatbot

Connect Candidates To The Right Team

HappyFox Chat automatically routes candidates to the relevant team. The pre-chat form lets the candidate choose which department to reach out.

With live chat, instantly connect to the person best placed to assist the candidates. There are no messy transfers, no complicated phone-tree menus, connect to the expert to help candidates immediately.

Receive Files from Candidates Easily

The interview process may go for a few rounds, and technical tasks might require back and forth of files and documents. With File sharing options in HappyFox Chat, your candidates can easily hand over their tasks to the relevant teams and clear their doubts via chat.

Live chat makes it easy for HR professionals to receive application forms, proposals, CVs, directly in the chat window in real-time.

Automate your Customer Service with HappyFox Chatbot

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