HappyFox Chat + WooCommerce

Befitting and Beneficial Together

Bring the spotlight on customers. Access to shopping cart data, details of the purchase and past chats in real-time helps you handle customers smarter and faster.

  • WooCommerce store information on your live chat
  • Get WooCommerce order details on HappyFox Chat
  • Live chat WooCommerce integration
  • Multiple Chats
  • Customization
  • Pro-active Chat

Chat Interface Designed to Go Agile.

The Multi-Chat feature lets you engage multiple customers at the same time . With access to relevant customer information always focus on identifying opportunities to help customers better.

Unique live chat interface

Own the Turf and Play Your Game.

HappyFox Chat fits seamlessly with your brand identity. By customizing colors, position of the chat widget and greeting messages, the consistency in the look and feel of your brand is never compromised.

Customize your chat plugin

Get the Timing Right. Anticipate Customer Needs.

Real-time access to highly focussed contextual customer data helps you to proactively offer better solutions.

Real time proactive live chat engagement

The Best practice in Customer Support

A Framework to Support Customers Better.

Increase E-Commerce Returns

  • Increase average order value.
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment.
  • Increase conversion rate.
  • Reduce average acquisition cost.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • Customize product recommendation.
  • Improve first response time.
  • Increase returning customer sales.

Boost Support Efficiency

  • Multiple chats.
  • Departments.
  • Canned Responses.

Personalized Store Experience

  • Real time traffic monitoring.
  • Shopping cart info, order details & past chats.
  • Purchase behaviour insights.

Support your customers no matter where you are.

Native live chat app for iOS, Mac, Android and Windows empowers you to help customers across the globe and around the clock.

Live chat app for mac, iPhone and android

It's All about Discovering the Needs: Get to Know Your Customers

Best Live Chat Plugin for WooCommerce stores.