Increase Customer Engagement with HappyFox's Proactive Chat Feature

Offer help and prompt customers with personalized messages, contextual promotions and relevant product information, in real-time, when the purchase intent is high.

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It takes just 5 mins to get the hang of it, but once you do, you won't want to live without it. The admin aspect is incredibly basic, and doesn't bog you down. The paid version is well worth the price. We couldn't be happier.

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A Rich Human Experience

Customer service needs a human touch. Invite customers to chat, uncover objections, identify opportunities and solve sales challenges. Every customer is unique, delight them by making them feel special and recognized.

Rich human experience

Real Time Website Monitoring

Watch your customers in real time as they browse your website. No more clutter, automatically prioritize traffic based on Page, Location, Duration and Agent in a beautiful visitor dashboard.

Website monitor

Business at the speed of thought

Actionable Traffic Breakdown

Offer highly targeted and tailored deals based on visitor locations. Break the monotony and surprise customers by personalizing conversations based on location.
Track products that are selling hot with the real-time website traffic data. Offer deals based on demand and competition. Close deals faster and make customers happy.
Convert a hesitant visitor into a loyal customer. Remove doubts, create a sense of urgency, offer better deals and help them through their purchase.
Get a quick overview of all the ongoing live chat conversations. Track active agents and the number of chats handled by each of them.

Target Better with Customer Filters

Create custom segments like premium shoppers, total shopping cart value and repeat customers by passing them to Happyfox Chat as variables using a JavaScript snippet.

Custom Filter

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