Uniting Help Desk and Live Chat Support

Streamline and add continuity to your support across channels

Know customers better at every touch point

In HappyFox Chat

Automatically sync tickets from your HappyFox help desk. Don’t bother your customers asking too many questions. Always be up-to-date on customer interactions across all channels of support.

One-click access to contact details will let you know everything about the customer you are interacting with. Reduce customer effort and be on top of support always.

View all help desk tickets while you chat with your customer
Convert all live chat conversations into help desk tickets

In HappyFox

Convert all live chat conversations into actionable help desk tickets.

Don’t allow any customer conversation unaccounted for. Offline messages and Missed chats are automatically recorded as tickets so that you can follow up later.

Record all conversations as transcripts

All live chat conversations are automatically saved as transcript within a ticket. Your help desk agents can always refer back and provide support with utmost clarity.

Understanding the context is the key

Increase Support Efficiency

No more switching between apps in search of information. Reduced effort for customers and agents.

Improved Resolution Time

Stay proactively informed about your customers across all support channels. Dive directly into the issue at hand and solve them efficiently.

Better ROI

Close communication gaps, accelerate sales cycle and improve conversion rates.