Deliver Exceptional Customer Service with HappyFox's Live Chat Software for Travel Industry

Convert website visitors to happy travellers. Provide answers and trip recommendations instantly and boost customer confidence in your travel agency.

Speed Up Booking & Reduce Acquisition Cost

When looking for travel destinations, online visitors might not have clear goals. With live chat, offer help on your travel website and guide customers about flights, lodging, policy, and procedures and plan their entire trip, leading to faster conversions.

Chat service is easy to implement and can easily fit your budget. A single travel agent can handle multiple chat sessions at a time, unlike asynchronous phone calls.

Automate your Customer Service with HappyFox Chatbot

Help Travellers with Inquiries

The quality of service that you offer keeps customers coming back to you. Be it booking tickets, cancellation, initiating a refund, or any other query. Live chat helps customers with instant assistance. Better customer experience means happy travellers and higher profits.

Automate your Customer Service with HappyFox Chatbot

Be Available 24x7. Get Chatbots on the field

For travel industries like Aviation, it’s very important to answer customer queries round the clock. Having a Chatbot can ease the burden of answering customer FAQs and improve response time.

A Chatbot is especially helpful to handle a huge volume of requests with 100% uptime. HappyFox Chatbot can be a great support to address frontline queries while your live chat agents address the complex issues.

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Chat Like a Local Guide

Let not language be a barrier for your international travellers to reach out to your travel agency. Offer live chat support in the preferred language of your customers and address their concerns while planning a trip with you.

HappyFox Chat provides a Live Translation feature that helps in detecting customer’s language and translating back and forth in real-time. Delight customers with best in class language translation with our live chat solution.

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Automate your Customer Service with HappyFox Chatbot
Automate your Customer Service with HappyFox Chatbot

Send your offers in a flash

Live Chat can be used as a one-stop solution for customer service, sales, and marketing. With triggered chat, boost your marketing efforts by sending out discounted travel packages and travel deals to potential customers. Provide more personalized offers with the proactive chat feature in HappyFox Chat.

Delight customers with a good discount and bag more online bookings.

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Provide an Omnichannel Support Experience

Make your travel business more approachable with omni-channel customer support on different channels with Social media, Help desk and SMS integrations. Let agents have a contextual and personalized conversation with customers on different channels right from their chat window.

Automate your Customer Service with HappyFox Chatbot

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