Live Chat for Education

Connect administrative staff and faculty to prospective students and parents on your education website. Turn online chat queries into enrolments in your educational institution.

Simplify the Admissions Process. Provide Answers in Real-time

Guidelines for filling admission forms might run for multiple annexures and can get students baffled. Live chat increases the chances that applicants will continue with the application and submit the online form, instead of abandoning the application altogether. With HappyFox Live Chat, students can bypass waiting on phone calls and lengthy email exchanges with your staff.

Automate your Customer Service with HappyFox Chatbot
Automate your Customer Service with HappyFox Chatbot

Increase Student Enrolment Year on Year

Online traffic is booming, and so are your chances to attract enrolments. Students these days find messaging as the most convenient medium to interact.

Live chat can help you collect your website visitors via a simple non-intrusive pre-chat form and help deliver your marketing messages and newsletters about what’s trending in your University.

With Chat Transcripts you can make an improved analysis of the support data. Make data-driven decisions to improve student support and increase enrolments.

Provide Exceptional Round-the-Clock Service

Students and parents may get a query at any time of the day. So how do you keep live chat available during off-hours?

A cost-effective and straightforward solution is to integrate Chatbot with your live chat that stays up 24/7 to answer Student FAQs. HappyFox Chatbot provides frontline support to the students while your live agents answer complex queries.

Beat the competition by being available for questions at any time of the day.

Automate your Customer Service with HappyFox Chatbot
Automate your Customer Service with HappyFox Chatbot

Personalize Support by Department

Whether the query is about admissions, course requirements, IT issues, or financial aid, live chat lets you direct the questions to the right department.

Make sure that the incoming chats reach the right person every single time.

HappyFox Chat allows students to choose the department that best suits their query and provides a hassle-free live chat service.

Chat on the go with Mobile Apps

HappyFox live chat software is available on the web, mobile, and desktop apps. Provide real-time, live chat support to students from the comfort of your mobile device.

Automate your Customer Service with HappyFox Chatbot

Offer Multilingual Support

For students applying for higher education, everything from relocation to learning a new language is a challenge. Let international students feel at home when they chat with live agents.

HappyFox Chat live translation feature detects and translates conversation in real-time so your students can chat in their native language.

Say goodbye to international phone charges and give students the freedom to chat in the language of their choice.

Automate your Customer Service with HappyFox Chatbot
Automate your Customer Service with HappyFox Chatbot

Connect HappyFox Chat with Apps You Love

Wouldn’t it be helpful for your live agents to know some history about the student they are conversing with?

Live chat integrates with your service help desk, and CRM can help uncover information about the student and address their queries in a flash. Convert offline conversations to tickets and never miss a query.

Integrate live chat with team collaboration apps like Slack and Social Media, so students find it easier to connect with you. Keep all the information synchronized between apps and provide stellar customer experience.

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