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Build Trust. Win more leads.

Get more leads by helping more customers. HappyFox Chat integrates live chat with your favorite sales CRM apps, ensuring that every conversation ends up as a lead in your sales funnel. Happier customers, a happier you!

It's extremely easy to set up! I love the fact that it gives insightful data on every conversation. Just what we needed!

- Anuj Adhiya, CoFounder - PlanitWide

Eliminate Bounce. Qualify better. Sell more.

We help you change color and copy to match with your websites branding. No coding, CSS edits or wrestling required. Simple options that make it happen for you.

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Deep-Set Ecommerce Integrations

A rooted integration of your Ecommerce data right within your chat window will help you know your visitors like never before. View customer's transaction history, order details like items purchased, order status, shipping details, etc. With the visibility of customer's 'Live Cart' information you can't ask for more! Provide the best support you can possibly imagine!

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  • Shopify Screen
  • Shopify Screen

Identify problems faster & Build better customer relationships

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Uncover New Objections

Make your sales team happy by getting better leads. With HappyFox Chat, you get pre-qualified leads to your sales funnel giving you better, bigger sales. With app integrations like Pipedrive & Salesforce, more chats means more sales. Now, go get it.

Ultimately our goal is to have four things: happier customers, more chats, more conversions, and more leads. With HappyFox Chat, we are able to reach all four.

- Alex Pritchett, Co-Founder - Upswing

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Add continuity to your sales cycle

Surprise your repeat visitors by already knowing who they are and their history. No more asking embarrassing questions. HappyFox Chat tells you everything you need to know about a repeat visitor, so you don’t have to look elsewhere. Happier visitors, happier you.


Sign up for a product

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Support Team

Raises a support issue

(Manage Objection)

Sales Team

Sales team seizes opportunity, works with support team & solves issue.

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Customer purchases product

(Close Deal)

The decisive advantage: Speed

Be your customer’s hero. Know every customer’s back story, on every chat. Help them better by knowing them & their support history even before asking. No more going back and forth between support and sales teams. One customer, one chat, one delightful experience!

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No missed Opportunities

Do more sales with an always full CRM. HappyFox Chat lets you integrate with your favorite sales CRM’s, So you can focus on selling more. Every chat gets updated in your CRM, so at the end of the day, you know what triggered a sale and what not. All in one seamless experience, it can’t get better than this!

We've been using HappyFox Chat on our website for about a month and we love it! All of the functionality we need at the right price.

- Daniel W Crompton, Director of Technology - Oplerno LLC

No More Missed Opportunities. Build trust & Increase Sales

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