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A customer support framework built on best practices and rated as the best help desk software by multiple independent industry sources.

Effortless Ticket Management

Stop being busy and start being productive.

Tickets Queue

Tickets Queue

An agent’s priority varies with responsibilities. Create a custom ticket queue by adding one or more rules to filter tickets.

Ticket Status

Ticket Status

Slice and dice tickets into more manageable chunks based on the ticket status.



All incoming tickets are automatically sorted into categories like customer support, sales, marketing, and billing.

Pinned Tickets

Pinned Tickets

Pinned tickets are like your daily to-do-lists. They help you set priorities and organize your time better.

Multi-Channel Ticketing

Multi-Channel Ticketing

Manage customer conversations from multiple channels like email, social, chat and phone calls in a single help desk ticketing system.

My staff are no longer daunted by customer communication!

Tim Sherret, Sennheiser

Adapt, scale and other superpowers

Deliver Exceptional Customer Service with HappyFox Ticketing System.

Ticket Action

Cut down on time thieves. Take quick actions like assignments, changing priority, ticket status and due date right there on the ticket list.

Quick Reply

Sometimes all that is needed on a ticket is an acknowledgment. Interact faster with Instant preview and Quick reply without ever having to open the ticket.

Bulk Action

Quickly select related tickets and apply bulk actions like changing ticket status, assignee and due dates. You can also perform mass reply to all selected tickets at once with ease.

Search & Filter

Powerful search lets your support team find tickets with ease. With advanced filters, you can drill down to find what you are looking for in no time.

Support Ticket System built the right way.

Discover the whole story.
Take the complexity out of customer support.


Let your customers know you care.

Extreme Productivity

Reclaim your time, it’s yours.


Crafting Data-Driven Customer Support Experience.

Collaborative Intelligence

Capitalize on your customer support team’s collective intelligence and expertise to help customers faster.

Encourage Self-Service with a
Knowledge base Software

Enables your customers to find solutions for common issues by referring to the knowledge base articles and FAQ, without having to raise a ticket. Create an internal knowledge base for your staff to access articles and help bring down the resolution time of support requests.

The Best Ticketing Software
for Modern IT teams

Capitalize on your customer support team’s collective intelligence and expertise to help customers faster.

Ticketing System Automation

Automate your help desk ticketing system and serve your customers faster. Reduce manual efforts and costs and automate business processes with an intelligent rule-based Workflow automation software.

Call Center Ticketing System

Omnichannel support is key to any cloud-based call center ticketing system. HappyFox Help Desk provides two-way sync with multiple communication channels like social media, phone, live chat, REST APIs, forms, etc. to address support queries.

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