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Ticketing System
Ticketing System
Ticketing System
Ticketing System

Ticket Action

Use quick actions to save time by directly changing priority, ticket status, due date, and assignees on the ticket list.

Quick Reply

Use instant preview and Quick Reply to acknowledge actions and interact faster without opening the ticket.

Bulk Action

Quickly select related tickets and apply bulk actions like changing ticket status, assignee, and due dates.

Search & Filter

Find tickets easily using powerful search. Use advanced filters to easily and quickly find what you’re looking for.

Support Ticket System built the right way

Take The Complexity Out Of
Customer Service

Ticketing System Ticketing System Ticketing System Ticketing System

Streamline Customer Communications

Respond better within ticket threads -

Track all conversations and actions in one place. Craft easy-to-read replies with the rich text editor while the composer auto-saves edits in real-time.

Use tags to categorize & sort tickets +

Categorize tickets on a granular level and track, search, and sort related tickets efficiently.

View all attachments in one place +

View all attachments in one unified destination and preview files without leaving the ticket.

Collaborate over private notes +

Notify and rope in support team members for a quick discussion for clarity by leaving them a Private Note on the ticket.

Boost Your Support Team’s Productivity

Pre-compose replies with canned actions -

Respond to FAQs with pre-composed replies and KB articles to save time and customer support effort.

Use auto-timer to monitor time spent +

Focus on doing your best work by automatically tracking time spent on each ticket & understanding time usage trends.

Avoid agent collision +

Know who else in your support team is viewing and acting on a ticket to avoid agent collision and overlaps.

Simplify mundane help desk tasks +

Use the cloning, merging, relating, and forwarding features to ease help desk ticket management.

Ticketing System Ticketing System Ticketing System Ticketing System
Ticketing System Ticketing System Ticketing System Ticketing System

Use Data to Improve the Support Experience

View all ticket details in one place -

Avoid overwhelming customers with multiple questions about the issue by easily accessing all relevant information on the ticket.

Customize support with contact details +

Make it easy to prioritize personalized customer care and reduce ambiguity with readily available details about your customer.

Access data from integrated apps +

Organize and use customer data to make better decisions by seamlessly integrating your favorite apps with HappyFox Help Desk.

Be aware of ticket actions via subscriptions +

Promote transparency and align your team by adding collaborators and stakeholders to tickets.

Simplify All Operational
Tasks and Improve
Productivity Across Teams

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Encourage Self-Service with a Knowledge Base Software

Build a no-code drag and drop knowledge base with HappyFox. Your customers can save themselves and you time and effort by finding solutions to common issues by referring to the knowledge base articles and FAQ without having to raise a ticket. Your staff can access internal knowledge base articles and stay up-to-date.

Ticketing System Ticketing System Ticketing System Ticketing System

Customer Portal

Provide an interface that lets your customers track their service requests and incidents. Simplify incident and problem management with a stellar user experience.


Create separate knowledge bases with full customization control for each product or sub-division in your organization.


Your customers & support team can switch to any of the 39 languages supported by HappyFox’s multilingual knowledge base with a simple toggle button.


You can customize your knowledge base pages with your logo, brand colors, additional links, and also pick a content layout that suits your service portal’s content structure.

Ticket Management for
Modern IT teams

Help customers faster by capitalizing on your customer support team’s collective intelligence and expertise.

Track & manage all assets -

Your IT infrastructure team can manage and track all your hardware and software assets from a single place with the Happyfox Asset Management software.

Make data-driven decisions with reports +

Make informed decisions with real-time Help Desk reporting. Boost your IT support team’s performance using insights from the Activity Agent Report.

Deflect IT-related tickets with self-service tools +

Tackle repeated requests and deflect tickets with an FAQ repository and our branded, mobile-responsive, and no-code drag and drop Knowledge Base builder.

Admins can monitor changes using audit logs +

With powerful change management capabilities, help desk administrators can oversee and instruct changes across your ticketing software.

Ticketing System Ticketing System Ticketing System Ticketing System
Ticketing System Ticketing System Ticketing System

Automation for an Efficient
Ticketing System

Save time, effort, and money by automating your ticketing system with intelligent rule-based workflow automation software.

Automate ticket assignments -

Avoid missing out on tickets by automatically assigning tickets to the right agent based on issue type or agent workload.

Use Smart Rules to automatically trigger actions +

Scan through your existing tickets and perform actions based on predefined conditions, building a ticket centered support workflow.

Cut down on SLA breaches +

Measure, monitor, and report on your strictly defined service level agreements (SLA) to improve customer satisfaction and achieve high-performance standards.

Call Center
Ticketing System

Your cloud-based call center can leverage two-way sync across social media, phone, live chat, etc. to provide omnichannel support and a better customer experience.

Provide seamless support via phone -

HappyFox offers robust phone channel support with full-fledged integration with RingCentral and AirCallcloud telephony software.

Troubleshoot issues with minimal training +

Assists agents in every step of troubleshooting and empower them to tackle incoming requests with minimal training.

Measure & analyze CSAT rates +

Improve customer satisfaction and measure your team’s performance by running agent or customer-wise CSAT surveys & analyzing real-time reports.

Ticketing System Ticketing System Ticketing System

Since switching to HappyFox, many of our managers and administrators enjoy the reporting widgets and overnight reporting

Joseph Feola

Vice President, Support Operations

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