HappyFox help desk software

Ticketing System Reimagined.

A customer support framework built on best practices and rated as the top help desk software by multiple independent industry sources.

Effortless Ticket Management

Stop being busy and start being productive.

  • Tickets Queue

    An agent’s priority varies with responsibilities. Create a custom ticket queue by adding one or more rules to filter tickets.

  • Status

    Slice and dice tickets into more manageable chunks based on the status of your assigned tickets.

  • Categories

    All incoming tickets are automatically sorted into categories like support, sales, marketing and billing.

  • Pinned Tickets

    Pinned tickets are like your daily to-do-lists. They help you set priorities and organise your time better.

  • Multi-Channel Ticketing

    Manage customer conversations from multiple channels like email, social, chat and phone calls in a single ticketing system.

  • HappyFox help desk software
  • HappyFox help desk software
  • HappyFox help desk software
  • HappyFox help desk software
  • HappyFox help desk software
  • HappyFox help desk software

Adapt, scale and other superpowers

Deliver knock-your-socks-off customer service with HappyFox ticketing system.

Ticket Action

Cut down on time thieves. Take quick actions like assignments, changing priority, status and due date right there on the ticket list.

Quick Reply

Sometimes all that is needed on a ticket is an acknowledgement. Interact faster with Instant preview and Quick reply without ever having to open the ticket.

Bulk Action

Quickly select related tickets and apply bulk actions like changing status, assignee and due dates. You can also perform mass reply to all selected tickets at once with ease.

Search & Filter

Powerful search lets you find tickets with ease. With advanced filters you can drill down to find what you are looking for in no time.

Support Ticket System built the right way.

Discover the whole story. Take the complexity out of customer support.


Let your customers know you care.

  • Ticket Thread
  • Tags
  • Attachment
  • Respond better
  • A better way to keep track of conversations and activities on a ticket - organised and clean.

  • Tags help you categorize tickets on a granular level and helps track, search and sort related tickets efficiently.

    HappyFox help desk software
  • View all attachments associated with a ticket in one place and preview files without ever leaving the ticket.

  • Rich text editor lets your format replies for better readability and understanding. The composer auto-saves the text you type as draft. You can come back later, work on it and send a reply.

Extreme Productivity

Reclaim your time, it’s yours.

  • Canned Actions
  • Auto timer
  • More actions
  • Save time spent and reduce support effort on answering commonly asked questions with pre-composed replies and by attaching KB articles.

  • Automatically track time spent on tickets. Monitor and understand how your time gets spent. Set goals and focus on doing your best work.

    Auto timer
  • How did it get so late so soon? Eliminate mundane help desk management tasks by cloning, merging, relating and forwarding tickets.

    More actions

Crafting Data-Driven Support Experience.

  • Ticket Details
  • Contact Details
  • Integrations
  • Knowledge Base
  • Never overwhelm customers with too many questions. Readily access all relevant and timely information associated with the issue right there on the ticket.

    Ticket info
  • Spend more time helping customers than searching for information. Reduce ambiguity and get to know your customers better and deliver personalised customer service.

    Contact Info
  • Customer data is all over the place. Seamlessly integrate HappyFox with all your favourite apps and make data driven decisions with confidence.

  • Keep solutions at your finger tips with a searchable and well structured knowledge base.

Collaborative Intelligence

Capitalize on your team’s collective intelligence and expertise to help customers faster.

  • Private note
  • Agent collision
  • Get your team on the same page. Add stakeholders & collaborators to a ticket, show your work and be more transparent.

  • Need more clarity? Notify and rope in other team members for a quick discussion by leaving a Private Note on the ticket.

  • Too many cooks spoil the broth. Get to know who else in your team is viewing and acting on the ticket in real time.

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