Webinar: How to Build an Effective Knowledge Base

71% of the customers say valuing their time is the most important part of a great customer service.

Customer Support is moving from first contact resolution (agile) to first touch resolution (self service & mobile)

Use Knowledge base to quickly enable first touch resolution

Proactive support is a critical part of delivering a top class customer service experience. Using knowledge base, consolidate, organize and present the wealth of information and intelligence accumulated over time to solve the common customer issues right off the bat. Delight your customer while significantly cutting your support costs and scaling your support operations.



1. Setting up a tailor made knowledge base.
2. Maintaining knowledge base as your products and business evolve.
3. Boosting support performance using Internal knowledge base.
4. New and Advanced HappyFox knowledge base features


1. Effective knowledge base reduces agent efforts and support costs.
2. Great knowledge base is a part of great customer support experience.
3. Building a great knowledge base requires a great knowledge base management software

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